As a lover of knowledge, I’m always yearning to learn more.  In 2014, I started participating in MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses.  I’m also studying language on my own at home.  Below, you can see my progress, as well as future courses.

Online Courses



  • None at the moment.


  • None at the moment.



  • Japanese.  I’m interested in becoming conversational. I have used various textbooks, and may begin conversation lessons.
  • French.  Studied for 8 years before, now started again at duolingo.  Level 9.
  • Esperanto. I’m studying this to make language learning easier. Level 6.
  • Spanish. Started studying at duolingo.  Level 6.
  • German. I’m part German and have an interest. Started studying at duolingo. Level 4.


  • Norwegian. I’m part Norwegian and have an interest. Level 2.
  • Italian. After French and Spanish, this is a next step. Level 2.
  • Irish. I’m part Irish, and I’d like to learn this. Level 2.
  • Portuguese. May be started before or after Italian. Level 2.
  • Turkish. Just because it seems interesting, and it’s something different. Level 2.
  • Dutch. It’s similar to English. Level 2.
  • Swedish. Similar to Norwegian. Level 2.
  • Danish. More challenging, but similar to Norwegian. Level 2.
  • Welsh. Very interested in this Celtic language. Level 2.
  • Polish. A challenging language. Level 2.
  • Ukrainian. My introduction to Cyrillic.
  • Russian. My grandfather was born in Russia. I’d like to speak it.

The languages will be difficult to find the time to learn, and I’m unlikely to tackle them all.  But I can always dream.

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