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Let’s Break Our Resolutions

It’s inevitable that my New Year Resolutions are broken. It always happens. What have I broken?

Nothing yet. However, there are some personal goals I didn’t mention that I haven’t been able to do. This is what I wanted to do:

  • Make two posts a day again. I actually went back to one a day and I even missed a day.
  • Write a bit every day.
  • Read a bit every day.
  • Start my science videos in January.
  • Do some book reviews in January.
  • Keep up on comments.
  • Keep up on social media.

Well, I failed all of those. Maybe February will be better. I’m going to push myself to do it!

Have you broken your resolutions yet?

Authors Answer 114 – 2017 Writing Plans

It seems to be tradition to talk about our plans for the upcoming year after the New Year. Why stop? This week, we’re talking about what we plan to do in terms of writing this year. Are we going to publish? Write? Find out!

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 114: It’s 2017. What are your goals for the year in terms of writing?

Cyrus Keith

This year I want to do three things:

1.) Finish my current WIP

2.) Find a home for my currently-finished WIP. Tempus Fugitive has been with some larger publishing houses, and requires a polite follow-up, because some things happened that interrupted the standard flow of business.

3.) Get a start on my next one. I have another installment on the docket for my published series, that I need to hit ASAP.

H. Anthe Davis

My goals for 2017 are to publish at least one book.  I have Book 4 waiting on its cover, needing nothing more than a final skim and formatting; I also have Book 5 about 1/4th through its rough draft stage, so that it’s possible it could be done by the end of the year.  I didn’t get anything published in 2016 because of delays, so to put both in-progress books out this year would catch me up nicely.

Paul B. Spence

My goals for the coming year are to finish the books I started in this last year. If all goes well, I’ll have two books out this year, one novel only distantly related to the others, and another Hrothgar Tebrey novel. I may have a surprise for everyone, also, but we’ll see…

Tracey Lynn Tobin

My main goal is simply to keep writing, and preferably write more than I have been in recent years. Despite continually claiming that I’ll do better my overall yearly word count has gone steadily down the last three years in a row, so I’d really like to rectify that.

Additionally, I plan to force myself to finish some of the dozen-or-so projects I’ve had floating around me for months now, even if it means ripping out a quick-and-dirty first draft that is the worst thing I’ve ever written. I just want to get this stuff down and out so that I’m not constantly thinking about multiple different stories all at once. That can’t possibly be good for the thought process.

Gregory S. Close

I have three major goals. (1) Make significant progress on End of Dreams (sequel to In Siege of Daylight), 150k-200k words. (1) Finish Greyspace, about another 80k words. (3) Complete some short fiction, just a few thousand words here and there.

I am so far behind in my projects, I really need to set and reach pretty aggressive goals this year.

Elizabeth Rhodes

My main writing goal in 2017 is to get the rough draft of at least one project finished. I’ve narrowed the projects down to two for now, and both are fantasy novels. I at least want to get to 100 thousand words before I can consider it a workable first draft.

Jean Davis

This year, I’d hope to publish two more novels. One is contracted, but edits are overdue, so I’m not sure where that puts the publication date. The other I’d like to self-publish. I’m halfway done writing that one and it’s moving right along. I’d like to get a few more short stories out there as well, but I seem to be only able to concentrate on either novels or shorts and the novels have it right now.

Linda G. Hill

If you’d asked me last year, I’d have said my main writing goal was to publish the first novel of my Gothic paranormal romance series, “The Great Dagmaru.” If you ask me this year… it would be the same goal. But I’m much closer!! I hope to have the first out this spring, and the second before the year ends. The second is just awaiting editing, and the third is three-quarters written. My other goals are to finish writing it and the NaNoWriMo novel I failed at in November. … I refuse to be a failure this year! 😀

D. T. Nova

The same ones I failed to achieve last year. I’m planning to get that novel published, and hopefully make some progress on the next one.

At the same time, I also want to be more active as a blogger, and probably write about serious topics more often because being silent sure isn’t helping anyone.

C E Aylett

Oh, lots. I will be revising a novel and hope to have finished that by Christmas next year. I’ve also promised myself I will take more time out to make submissions, even though I hate the whole process (who wants to be trawling the internet for magazines and agents when we could be writing, after all?). Plus I’ve got a few short stories I want to finish up and the rest of my online class series at Skillshare on plotting and writing story arcs. I definitely plan to be more productive this year.

Eric Wood

My goal for writing in 2017 is to post consistently all year. I’d love to write a post a day. But I know when my schedule gets busy this won’t be realistic. Perhaps this will be the year I get my children’s book written!

Jay Dee Archer

Write. Just write. That is my most basic goal. 2016 was a terrible year for writing for me. This year, I plan to spend at least 15 minutes a day writing. If I can keep up that pace, then I can finish projects. I’ll be able to finish Journey to Ariadne and get started on my debut novel. It’s a very simple goal, but I have to start somewhere.

How about you?

What are your goals for 2017? If you’re an author, let us know what your writing goals are in the comments section below.