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The End of a Blog

I’ve been thinking about this off and on over the past three months or so, wondering if I should continue, or just stop. It wasn’t so much a chore. It was like I kept it going just for the sake of keeping it going. I updated infrequently, always falling further behind.

No, I don’t mean this blog. This one is not going anywhere! I mean 365 Rotations. I started it as a year-long experiment, taking a photo every day in the same location to keep track of the minute day-to-day changes through the seasons. It was reborn last year as a daily photo blog, but I kept getting behind. Even though I posted, it seemed that I only had about four readers who regularly liked the posts. I was keeping it going for only four readers, it seems.

My backlog was getting far too big, more than two months behind. It was also getting in the way of my desire to get my Instagram account updated frequently. I didn’t want to confuse myself needlessly. And to be honest, I just want to simplify things.

So, thanks to everyone who read 365 Rotations, but it is coming to an end. I’m not going to close it. It’ll still be available to see. And I still plan on creating galleries for the old version of the blog. But as a regularly updated blog, it’s going to go quiet. However, look on the bright side. You’ll get plenty of new Instagram photos!

What to Do With a Dormant Blog

Many of you may know that I run several blogs. This one is the most active, while my Japan blog has only occasional updates at the moment (I will get back to work on it, though).  But there’s one I haven’t updated in quite some time that I’d like to give new life to.

That blog is 365 Rotations. Originally, it was an experiment to take a photo in the same locations every day (or every week) for a year to keep track of the seasonal changes, and eventually make videos to show this. I haven’t actually done that. I’ve taken all the photos, I just haven’t organised them yet. Another thing I’d been doing is keeping track of the daily weather. And that’s where my idea comes in.

You see, I’ve been keeping track of the weather on my phone since my last post. I’ll eventually post them all, and do monthly stats, comparing them from year to year.  I’ll have three years of weather stats by the time we move to Canada, where I’ll start taking weather stats as well.  But my idea is to also do a photo of the day. I’d focus on the day’s weather, like clouds, sunset, storm, lightning, snow, and so on. I’d like to get it started in July, but first, I need to clear up the memory on my phone. Too many photos and videos! So, look forward to more updates coming on that blog soon!