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Half Year Review

June is almost finished, so let’s take a look at how the first half of the year has gone.  It’s been an incredible first half of the year!

New things that have started include my Worldbuilding series, which I will get back to now that my writing course is finished.  I also started What Will You Write?  This writing challenge is a lot of fun, and the response started out great.  I also started doing Encyclopedia Entries on the moons of the Solar System.  I’ll get back to this soon, too.  I also started vlogging, so subscribe to my channel!

Looking at the numbers, the number of views has been steadily rising.  Take a look:

  • January: 1259
  • February: 551
  • March: 1082
  • April: 1388
  • May: 1441
  • June: 1715 (projected to be 1890)

I’ve reviewed a total of 10 books this year, but hoping that I can reach my target of 30 books.  That means 20 reviews in the next 6 months!  Best book so far is The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons.

Tomorrow night is the end of the fourth What Will You Write?  So, get your entries in!  On Monday night, I’ll get the monthly review done.  And I’m thinking another round of introducing you to other blogs.

How’s your half year been?