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Twice a Day No More

It was bound to happen. I’m no longer going to be posting twice a day. A day like today, with its long commute and my desire to do some other things, shows me that I can’t do two quality posts in a day.

I will continue to post every day. And more often than not, I will post twice a day. I just want to give myself permission to post less than twice a day. If I’m going to focus on writing my book, I can’t post twice a day, anyway.

But don’t worry, this is not a decline in this blog. On the contrary, I’m working to improve the blog. I will be able to spend more time on improving some aspects, including making sure everything is updated and keeping up to date on comments and social media. I can also focus on worldbuilding posts, reading, YouTube, and watching more Star Trek. And my job is a big reason for this change, too.

So, look forward to some changes for the better!

A Post a Day – What I’ve Learned

Thank you everyone for following me through November.  It was a very quick month, and I successfully posted every day this month.  This is the final post of the month.

So, what did I learn?

In the beginning, I started a series about how to establish a colony on another planet.  I did some research to find out what’s feasible and what’s not.  I found it to be an interesting and useful exercise, especially for my own writing.

I also went through a marketing discovery.  I knew all about these websites, but I found that Reddit is extremely valuable, as long as you don’t flood them with links to your own blog. But honestly, you’re limited as to how much you can submit there.  StumbleUpon is good, though doesn’t generate as many visits as Reddit does.  But you can submit as much as you want.  But the big thing is that as long as I’m posting regularly, I get regularly higher views.  But that’s not exactly rocket science, is it?  This has been my best month in terms of readership by far.  The last time I had a jump in readers was when I did another post a day month.  This month, I’ve had nearly as many view as I had in all of August, September, and October put together.  Best of all, it keeps growing!  The past week has been my best ever.

So, what does this mean for the next month?  I’m going to continue posting at least 5 times a week.  I will be getting back to posting reviews, now that The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience is starting.  I will be posting new interviews.  And over on my official website, I’ll start writing the Ariadne Encyclopedia.

Just one other thing.  This is a very odd statistic that I noticed.  Ever since I wrote the post about population growth in a colony, I’ve been getting an increase in the number of people reading from South Korea.  The numbers coincide every day.  Is there a Korean search engine that picked that up and ranked it high?

Anyway, thank you very much for reading.  My readers are part of the reason I write (the other reason being because I want to).  Most of all, I enjoy engagement in the comments.  So, please comment whenever you see something interesting.  Let’s keep writing!

A Post a Day Starts Now!

It’s November now, and that means NaNoWriMo, which I’m not doing.  I’m doing a blog post a day instead.  This is the beginning.

I’ve been asked before, “How do you do it?  How do you get ideas for a post a day?”  Sometimes it can be difficult, but I usually have some ideas everyday.  I can’t write about them all in one day.  I only have so much time.  My ideas include some of my own ideas with respect to writing, some reviews, interviews (which I really need to ask some more authors to do), and more.  Although this may be the first post on the first day, I may have another later today.

So, please enjoy a post a day!

A Post a Day?

I’ve tried this before, and succeeded.  I’ve done a post a day for a month.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m going to try it again.

November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.  I’m not taking part in it, because I’m already involved in writing something, and it’s not a novel.  However, I am substituting that with a post a day.  It could be about my book progress, it could be a book review, it could be an interview.  Mostly likely, it’ll be something completely different, but I hope to tie it in with the overall theme of this blog, which is books and knowledge.  With the posts I have planned for the rest of this month, it should push my post count to 200!

For my followers of Jay Dee in Japan, I haven’t done much there recently.  I’ll be resuming posts there soon, though.  I’ve just been a bit busy with some writing.

Keep coming back before November 1st, though.  I have several posts to come, including several reviews and an interview.

31 Days

When I began my post a day challenge, I thought I could finish it easily. I’d done this before. But this time, I was making two blog posts a day, 62 total, on two blogs.

What did I learn? I found it easier to do a post a day with this blog, as I had many topics I wanted to talk about. My other blog is about Japan, and it was started as a photo blog. I didn’t do many photos this month. On this blog, though, the focus is mainly on writing and books, as well as other topics. I learned I could write under pressure of a deadline. However, I didn’t particularly like having the deadline, as it put me under pressure to write something. I prefer to write when I’m ready to write.

The previous time I did a post a day, I was single, working 5 days a week full time, and had plenty of free time.  I went out a lot.  Now, I’m married, work 6 days a week full time, have a baby to take care of, and not much free time.  It’s sometimes hard to find the time to write, let alone read.  But my desire to blog and write is far more now.

I will continue to write as normal after this, not every day, but probably more than before.  I hope to read more than before, as well, and give plenty of reviews.

It was fun, but I don’t think I’ll be doing a post a day again anytime soon.

A post a day July

Hello everyone!  Long time no write.  Sorry about the delay.  I’ve been pretty busy recently with a crazy baby daughter and a lack of sleep, but I also finished reading a book.  Review coming within a day!

In September 2010, I attempted a post a day challenge for myself on my Japan blog.  It was a great success, and I thought I’d challenge myself again.  Not only will I try to make a post a day on this blog, but also my Japan blog.  Obviously, they’ll be different.  I plan to make a post about something different every day.  If I’m pressed for time or very tired, I’ll do my best to make a post, even if it is short.  But I want each post to be worth reading.  I also invite discussion in the form of comments.  So, please enjoy!  It’ll start on Canada Day, July 1st.