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Week One of the A to Z Challenge

I’ve been doing a bit of planning for the challenge so far, and I’ve decided that each subsequent story will have something to do with the previous part.  So, the B story will have something to do with the A story, and the C story has something to do with the B story, and so on.  I even have the first four days planned with story ideas.

I also decided to let you know the titles of the first week’s stories.  There are only four days before the first Sunday break, so only A to D have been titled.  Here they are:

  • The Artist
  • The Botanist
  • The Carpenter
  • The Doctor

So, how would these characters connect?  In fact, A has nothing to do with C, while B has nothing to do with D.  Some of these characters may never meet, but there is some connection between them.

The A story is coming on Wednesday.

A to Z Challenge Extra

A2Z-BADGEI’ve decided to do a little something extra for the A to Z Challenge.  As I said before, I’ll be writing short flash fiction each day.  The stories will be based on Ariadne, but will feature a person whose job starts with each letter of the alphabet.  The stories could be only 100 words long, or maybe even up to 500.  It really depends on what the character and scene, as well as time constraints.

The extra thing I want to do is to draw a quick sketch related to the scene.  It’ll be posted along with the story each day.  They most likely won’t feature the character, but part of the location.  It could be something they see or use.  This should be interesting.

A to Z Theme Reveal Missed

Well, I missed the A to Z theme reveal a couple days ago, but I’ll do it anyway.  On April 1st, the A to Z Challenge begins, and I need something to write about.  Well, I finally decided what to do.

I’ll be writing very short flash fiction stories, which I said before.  However, there will be an overall theme.  In these stories, the A to Z part will be the main character’s profession.  But that’s not all.  These stories will all take place on Ariadne.  This will introduce you all to the world in small snippets, but it won’t give away what’s going on in that world.  You’ll see some place names, maybe.  You’ll see hints about what life is like there.  It should be interesting.

And tonight, my theme is to get caught up on all those comments!

A to Z, a Blog Challenge

I’ve decided to join the Blogging from A to Z challenge in April.  I have yet to decide on a theme for it, but I’ll wait and see what their theme is going to be.

The challenge has more than 900 people so far, with me being number 930.  I’m sure there will be far more than that.  I’ll keep my posts pretty short, but I’m thinking that I may write short flash fiction of around 100 words for this challenge.  It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

In celebration, watch this video.