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Weird Facts About Me

Life is boring if you’re normal. I like being able to do weird things. I like that I can embrace the weirdness. So, what’s weird about me?

  1. I have a double-jointed left thumb. It looks weird when I bend it backwards. I can’t do it with my right thumb, though.
  2. I can roll my stomach. I’ve been able to do it since I was a kid. My daughter can do it, too!
  3. I can’t touch an invertebrate, unless I’m eating a shrimp tail. But if it has legs and a head, I can’t touch it.
  4. I play around with words all the time and I think it annoys people.
  5. I can’t sleep on my back. I have to fall asleep on my right side, though sometimes on my left side. However, I sometimes wake up on my stomach, and find it easier to fall back to sleep on my stomach.
  6. Watching pimple popping videos is a weird and sometimes disgusting thing, but I find it oddly satisfying.
  7. I hate tomatoes, cooked or raw. I can’t stand tomato sauce or pizza sauce. However, I like ketchup, barbecue sauce, A1 sauce, and HP sauce.
  8. When I was a kid, I wore a Superman cape whenever I watched Superman movies.
  9. I once had a dream where I turned into Homer Simpson, and I was being chased by the troll king Ned Flanders.
  10. I used to eat cans of shrimp drenched in Worcestershire sauce.

Do you think these are weird? What’s the weirdest? And how about you? Tell me something weird about you.

Some Extremely Lesser-Known Things About Me

I remember a while back, I posted some things about myself.  Well, here’s some more, but maybe not very well-known things about me.

  • I like plastic models.  I’m not interested in wars happening, but I find them fascinating to read about, and therefore, I enjoy military jets and ships.  Not many people know this.  Well, now you do.
  • I had a Superman cape when I was little.  I loved the first Superman movie so much, I used to wear it and zoom around the room pretending to fly.
  • E.T. scared me.  Really, really scared me.
  • I hated broccoli.  But now I like it.  Why?  It’s the way it’s cooked.  I discovered that the common way to cook it in England and Canada is to boil the hell out of it.  Tastes like garbage to me.  Lightly cooked is delicious.  I never discovered that until I came to Japan.
  • I have met and spoken to Vladimir Tretiak, James Doohan, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, and Musashimaru.
  • I actually enjoy the feeling of an earthquake.
  • I also enjoy typhoons and thunderstorms.
  • I have eaten shark, jellyfish, horse, octopus, and squid.  I liked the shark, and the horse was decent, but I didn’t like any of the other stuff.  Oh yeah, the horse meat was raw.
  • Shrimp with the head on freaks me out.  I won’t touch it.
  • I’ve been electrocuted by a hand dryer in a public washroom.  I was okay, but my finger was numb for several hours.

And there you go.  Anything interesting about you?

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

Everyone is unique.  Everyone has their interesting qualities that most others don’t have.  Some are mundane, some are surprising.  Well, here are ten facts about me that you most likely don’t know.

1. The thumb on my left hand is double-jointed.  But on my right hand, it’s normal.

2. I have issues with animals that don’t have internal skeletons.  I simply don’t want to touch them.  However, I like to eat shrimp.  But I won’t touch it with its head or legs still attached.  I’ve tried eating squid and octopus, but I didn’t like them.

3. I love Marmite.  It’s one of the best things to put on toast.

4. I’ve dislocated both of my little toes.  Both times kicking a door frame.  Once was when I was 19, the other happened just last year.

5. I have a strong dislike of performing music in front of other people.  In fact, if you take me to karaoke, I will refuse to sing.  I just won’t do it.  I lip-synced in music class in elementary school.

6. I hate tomatoes.  Fresh tomatoes are the worst, but tomato sauce and canned tomatoes are nearly as bad.  The taste just makes me feel sick.  As a result, I rarely eat pizza or pasta with meat sauce.  When I do eat pizza, it must not have pizza sauce.  However, I do like ketchup, barbecue sauce, A1 sauce, and HP sauce.

7. Whenever I go somewhere, I visualise my location on a map in my mind.  I am extremely aware of my location, and I take note of everything I see when I’m out.

8. This may be a strange one, but I can remember everything I’ve eaten on the tops of all three mountains I’ve climbed in Japan.  On Mt. Fuji, I ate ramen.  On Oyama, I ate yakisoba.  On Mt. Takao, I ate barbecued corn on the cob.

9. Although I was quite skinny when I was 19 years old, I could eat two whole supersized double quarter pounder meals from McDonald’s.

10. I once had a dream about being chased by trolls and the troll king Ned Flanders while I was flying.  In the dream, I was Homer Simpson.

Now that you know a bit more about me, I really look forward to your comments.

Random things you may not know about me

Who am I?  What makes me the person I am?  Those who know me well probably know most of these.  Those who know me from school, might not know most of these things.  My acquaintances probably know very little of this.  So, what should I tell you?

Let’s start with sports.  I used to play hockey when I was in elementary school.  It’s always been my favourite sport.  But I was never known to be an offensive threat.  I played right wing, but I’d never scored a single goal.  Why?  I hated attention.  I never liked being in the spotlight, so I didn’t try hard.  Now, I wish I could’ve changed all that.  These days, my athletic focus is on long distance walking and hiking.  I’ve walked 35 km uninterrupted in 8 1/2 hours.  That was for fun.

As the title of this blog states, I read encyclopedias for fun.  But did you know that I rarely read fiction when I was younger?  I was far more interested in science, history and geography.  I didn’t start liking fiction until I was in high school.

Those who know me know that I did very well in school.  But they may not know that I didn’t like English class.  The reason?  I hated analysing novels and poetry, describing any hidden meaning that, according to some teachers, has only one correct answer.  English wasn’t my worst class.  That was social studies.  I liked history, but I didn’t like writing essays on history.

I rarely had math homework.  I almost always finished it before class ended.

I used to be a Kabuki Kab driver/tour guide in Victoria.  It was only for a couple of months until I tore my quad muscle.  I never had surgery.  Glad I didn’t, because my knee is close to 100% normal.  Someone I know with the same iinjury had surgery and her knee was never the same.

I was bullied in junior high school.  Physically in grade 7, emotionally and psychologically in grade 8.  I faked being sick just to get out of going to school in grade 8 sometimes.  Sorry for lying about that, mom.

I was a big Star Trek fan.  I went to a few conventions.  I still enjoy Star Trek a lot.  I’ve met Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis and James Doohan.

I loved dinosaurs as a kid.  Not for the same reasons other kids liked dinosaurs, though.  I liked them for biological and evolutionary reasons.  I loved science (still do, of course).  I almost went into palaeontology in university.  One of my favourite books is a very detailed and scientific book about dinosaurs that I bought at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.  I bought it when I was in junior high school.  It was an amazing book.  When I was away at university, my mom gave away all my childhood books that I didn’t need anymore.  I think she gave that book away, too.  I still want it back.

I love Marmite.

I hate tomatoes, tomato sauce, pizza sauce and meat sauce.  However, I like ketchup, barbecue sauce, A1 sauce and HP sauce.

I hate brussels sprouts.

I hate bell peppers, but I like jalapeno peppers and have been known to eat anything with habanero pepper seasoning.

I used to hate broccoli, but now I like it, as long as it isn’t boiled and mushy.  It needs to retain some crunchiness.

I hate western spinach, but like Japanese spinach.

I love wasabi.

I did a research paper for my radio astronomy class in university on the radio emissions of Jupiter.

I love being on the top of mountains, big hills and tall buildings.

I don’t believe in any religion, but I like Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Japan, mainly for aesthetic reasons, but I also find them peaceful and relaxing.

I may not believe in religions, but I find them interesting culturally (and no, you can’t convert me).

I have a prejudice against Rottweilers.  One killed my dog.

I used to do surveys in a call centre.  Hated that job, but I was good at it.  My coworkers and bosses made it bearable.  Good group of people.  It was far more enjoyable, though somewhat tedious, being a team leader there.

I did data entry with a company contracted by the British Columbia government to input vital statistics records into a database.  I entered my uncle’s birth record.

I have eaten octopus sashimi and disliked it.  I have eaten basashi (raw horse meat) and didn’t dislike it.

One of my goals is to visit all 47 prefectures of Japan.  I have a long way to go.  I also have a goal to visit all 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada.  That’s much easier to achieve, even though it’s a much larger country.

I enjoy The Sims 2, Simcity 4, Civilization IV and Star Trek Online.

My grade 1 teacher was my aunt, until she retired halfway through the year.  I strongly disliked her replacement, who couldn’t even pronounce the word “film.”  It’s not “fillum!” Even as a 6 year old, it irritated me.

My grade 3 teacher accused me of trying to cheat on a test.  I was merely looking at the floor while thinking.

In grade 4, an optometrist said I needed glasses.  We got them, I never used them.  We got a second opinion, and that optometrist said we were lied to.  I haven’t needed glasses at all in my life.

In grade 7, I was told by my social studies teacher that I had a photographic memory.  I’m very good at geography.  I can picture fairly accurate maps in my mind.  This ability has also helped me with physics, spelling, chemistry and biology.  Spelling?  Yes, I picture the words in my mind when I want to spell them.

I’ve witnessed a suicide.  A man jumped in front of a train almost directly in front of me in August 2005.  I remember every detail of that moment.

I have a sarcastic sense of humour, but have also been known to use terribly corny puns.

The person I most respect is my maternal grandfather.

I’m a native English speaker, studied French for 8 years (and have forgotten most) and am currently studying Japanese (speaking still beginner, but understanding is low intermediate level).  I want to become conversational in Japanese, study French again, then move on to Spanish, German and possibly Italian, Norwegian, Chinese and Korean.

I love shrimp, but I can’t stand it if the head is still attached.

My favourite alcohol is sake, though I only drink it about 3 or 4 times a year.

My first computer was an Apple II/e in 1984.  I programmed when I was 7 years old.

The search for extrasolar planets excites me.

My favourite Star Trek characters are Data and Spock (maybe because of my love of science), but my favourite Star Trek actor is George Takei.  I follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Well, I think that’s about enough for now.  Any comments or questions?  If you want to know anything else, please ask in the comments.  I may answer if it isn’t too personal.