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Productive Evening Gone!

I put my daughter to bed, and as usual, she wanted me to stay with her. So what do I do? I fall asleep. On top of that, despite taking medicine, my allergies were so bad that I had a headache. It’s now after 2 am. I’m going back to bed.

I was going to do a weekly update, but I think I’ll try get that done in the morning. Dishes, too. So, good night!

Poof Goes the Perfect Post

Have you ever been thinking about what to post about on your blog, only to fall asleep and continue thinking about the post in a dream? That just happened to me when I put my daughter to bed. I ended up falling asleep next to her for about an hour. Just a bit sleepy today.

As for the post, my dream made it even better. It was going to be amazing, and lots of people will love it. Then I woke up, saw the time, and realised what had just happened. I remember my daughter falling asleep, then getting ready to get out of bed and back to the living. Except I fell asleep at that moment.  But when I woke up, that’s what my memory of the post came up quickly… then disappeared. My post idea, taken away by a forgotten dream. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Never fear, I’ve got lots of ideas for blog posts, book, and more. I’m just a bit sleepy.