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Childhood Favourites and Behind the Scenes

In January last year, for Authors Answer, we answered this question: What children’s books did you read when you were a child? I went back to my old answer and talked about it on video.

It has me thinking a lot about what my daughter is going to read. She has a lot of Dr. Seuss books, Paddington Bear, the entire Beatrix Potter collection, and more. But what about you? What did you read when you were a child?

If you noticed the title of this post, you’ll see I mentioned behind the scenes. I also mentioned it in the video. Well, I did another video talking about what goes on behind the scenes when I make videos. Here’s that video.

And then, in that video, I mentioned another video about library books with my daughter. Well, that one is coming tomorrow! Look forward to it, because my daughter was absolutely silly. It should be an entertaining one!

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A Tour of My Office

Today, I made a video about my office. It’s nothing to look at yet, but there’s potential. Watch the video and find out about my plans.

This video would have actually been a Patreon only video, but as I have no patrons, there’s no point in keeping it secret. But this is a preview of the kinds of videos I’ll be doing for my patrons.

If you have any suggestions for how I can arrange things, let me know in the comments below.