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Got an Itch for Birdwatching

Ever since coming back to Canada, I’ve been watching the birds whenever we’ve gone out. My wife has been taking pictures, I’ve been listening to the birds. I’d like to find my field guide to birds of western North America and start birdwatching.

This is going to be a bit bigger than just finding the birds. I plan on taking pictures and posting them, but not on here. I’m going to start a separate blog for birds of Alberta (and more). I’ll just keep taking pictures and posting them, even if they’re birds I’ve taken pictures of before. I may take a very good picture that has to be shared. On that blog, I’m going to keep a checklist of the birds I’ve seen, and update whenever I find a new bird.

So, in addition to this blog, I’ll have the bird blog and an Edmonton Asian and burger restaurant blog.

What do you think?


Hitting the Birdwatching Jackpot

Ever been walking outside and you see something you’ve never seen before? I saw this.


Thirteen big white birds. Hmm, what are they?


They’re great egrets! Thirteen great egrets all in one place! I’ve seen two or three in somewhat close proximity to each other, but never thirteen. But that’s not all! A little further away, I saw this.


What? A grey heron? Thirteen great egrets and a grey heron all in one area? I truly have never seen this before.

Is this a birdwatching jackpot? Do I win something? Have you been lucky enough to see something like this?

Now I Want to Go Birdwatching

You know the story about the weasel that was riding on the woodpecker from a few months ago? Well, there’s a new one. This time, in Cornwall, Ontario, a man caught an incredible series of photos of a woodpecker fighting with a squirrel.

What’s funny is that this has me thinking about an old field guide to western North American birds that I have back in Canada. I used to look at it all the time, reading it, studying the birds that live in Alberta. I want to see that book now.  I want to go birdwatching like I always imagined I would, but never got around to.

A grey heron I saw last week.

Here in Japan, I look at the birds, and for most of them, I still don’t know their names. I’ve seen mejiro (Japanese white-eye), white egrets, cormorants, crows, black kites, and grey herons, but for most other small birds, I have no clue what to call them. And I still haven’t seen a kingfisher! I’ve been living in Fujisawa for four and a half years, and I haven’t seen this city’s official bird yet.  People I know see them regularly. Maybe I just need to go walking through forests and pay attention to what’s in the trees.

So, anyone ever try birdwatching?