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Book review list update

I’d like to remind my readers about the review list I keep on this blog.  I love lists, so my reviews are categorised in a few different ways.  In addition to the full list by author, I have recently added a list of reviews by title.

In the future, I’ll be adding a couple more lists.  One is a list by date of publication, and the other is a list by the author’s country of origin.  I may also list books by genre, though it’s sometimes difficult to categorise books by genre.

As always, you can access the lists via the menu at the top of the page.

Are there any other ways you’d like to see the books listed?  Leave a comment!

Reviewing more than just books and TV?

While books will be the main thing I’m reviewing, as well as a limited number of science fiction TV series and movies, I’m going to start reviewing something completely unrelated.  I’m going to start reviewing the food I eat at restaurants.  That’s right, I’m going to be one of those annoying people who takes a picture of their food and posts it online.  But I’m not just posting the pictures, I’m also saying what I felt about it.  No one is immune!  Even McDonald’s will get reviewed!

Looking forward to it?

Official website now live!

I’ve finally done it.  I made an official blog for my future books and short stories.  There isn’t much there yet, but you can check out what I have planned.

In the future, I will have an in depth guide to my science fiction world, which has yet to be officially named.  It will contain maps, country profiles, world history, important events, and notable people.  It will also likely include information about native animals and plants.

Please take a look, and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them here.

Names, titles, writing, and websites

As the title suggests, this post is about many things.  I have a few things going around in my head right now, and I may as well get them all out in one post.

First of all, I’ve been doing some outlining work on my upcoming short story, and I finally have a main character name.  In fact, I’ve thought of names for most of the main characters.  I while back, I posted about how difficult it is to choose names.  For my main character, I already had a last name.  It was the first name that I had difficulty with.  But after a bit of research through name databases and checking with name meanings, I came up with a good one that’s appropriate for the character.

However, coming up with a title is even more difficult.  In fact, I’ve been having trouble with coming up with a name for the world.  I have an idea, but I’ll have it figured out soon, I hope.  The title, as well.

Earlier this summer, I posted about a writing challenge, to write scenes for various landmarks around the world.  I haven’t started yet, but I do plan to do this.  It may give me some inspiration.

Finally, websites.  This is a big thing.  I’m going to begin developing a homepage for myself, also with WordPress.  It’ll be my official author page, and won’t be updated like a blog.  However, it’ll have links to my various blogs, so anyone can see what I’m up to.  On that website, I will post updates on my writing process, as well as develop a kind of reference guide for the world I’ve created.  This blog will continue as always.

Comments are always welcome!

Blog updates

I’m doing a little tweaking here and there on this blog this weekend, so don’t be surprised if you see something new or a completely different look.

I’ve already added a review listing page, which you can go to from the menu above.  I have listed most of the books that I own according to author’s name, though I will add a couple more ways of listing the reviews.  I’ll also be reviewing a limited number of TV series and movies, mainly science fiction.

I’m getting a bit tired of the design of this blog, so I’ll be changing the theme this weekend.  I want some more colour and an additional side bar.  In the future, I’ll be adding more menu options at the top to list some of the series/themes I write about.

Hope you enjoy the new design once I change it.