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Blog Spotlight – C. K. Rich

Hailing from the south of the United States is a blog/website run by author C. K. Rich. Caren is a contributor of Authors Answer, and she’s also been a major commenter here from time to time. Her blog is self-titled, C. K. Rich.

ckrichWhen you arrive at the website, you’ll notice something. Waiting to welcome you is an alligator. Well, Caren is from the south. The design is simple and uses light, neutral colours. The landing page is a static page, so you need to use the menu above to access the blog. However, there’s a category list on the right column, as well as an archive.

Looking at the menu, we have Home, Blog, Contact, About, and Books. This is very straightforward and easy to understand. Of course, Home is the landing page.

Blog takes you to her blog. You can find her posts, which are writing related mostly. It’s pretty focused. She writes mysteries, by the way.

The Contact page is just that, a contact page. From there, you can fill out a form to send her an email.

The About page takes you to a brief, but concise page about herself, including what she writes and even where she went to university.

The Books page has her published writing, of course. First is The Fruitcake, which is available for free! The other is The Christmas Gift, which was published in an anthology.

Definitely check out her blog, where you can enjoy her southern hospitality. She’s quite active on her blog, so there are always frequent updates.

Personal message to Caren

Thank you very much for being a great member of Authors Answer. I’ve always enjoyed your answers. You’ve been a great contributor to the comments on my blog, as well. Glad to have you around!


Blog Spotlight – All In A Dad’s Work

One of the top commenters and newer member of Authors Answer, this week’s spotlight is on Eric Wood’s blog, All In A Dad’s Work. He’s also known as stomperdad in the comments. On his blog, you’ll find his writing, as well as a lot about being a dad and parenting.

allinadadsworkAt first, you will likely notice the large stuffed animal header image. I think you’ll realise that his blog has a lot to do with children, as he has a couple of sons that he frequently talks about. He has a nice simple layout and a deep red background that gives it a warm feeling.

Let’s look at the menu first. Of course, we have the usual Home and About, but we also have Links and 100 Word Stories.

Going to his About page, you’ll see he talks about himself and his family. It’s simple and straightforward, and you immediately get to see what kind of person he is.

Next is Links.  It’s not a long list, only five items, but he says they’re his favourite places to go on the internet. His first link? Here! Why, thank you, Eric!

And then we have 100 Word Stories. Here you can find a few of his very brief stories of only one hundred words. There are ten to read (at the moment), so enjoy going through them.

But I think the main thing is that he blogs a lot about various topics. Just browse through his posts, and I’m sure you’ll find some things you enjoy. He posts frequently, so you’ll always have something new.

Personal message to Eric

Thanks for being such a great commenter this year. You’ve become one of the most dedicated people to spend their time here, and I agree with what you said on your links page, if we lived near each other, we’d probably be friends. Thanks!

Blog Spotlight – North of Andover

Frequent commenter and the brother/twin/clone of Authors Answer contributor Paul B. Spence, next is North of Andover, Thomas Weaver’s blog. While this is his blog, he does have a lot of things for Paul on here, though Paul does have his own blog on Goodreads and a website. But we’re here to talk about Thomas’ blog.

northofandoverWhen you first come to the main page, you can see that it has a neutral, but clean design with a grey theme.  Looking deeper into the page, you’ll find that he doesn’t actually showcase his writing. However, he does something different. He’s an editor/proofreader. And there are a lot of writing resources to find here.

Let’s take a look at the menu options. We have the usual Bio, Contact Info / Where to Find Us Online, Fiction, Grammar Rants, Links, and Mercenary Proofreader (and Editor).

Looking at the Bio page, you’ll see that most of it is about his brother, Paul. But he does talk about himself, too. You’ll quickly notice that they are a team.

On to Contact Info / Where to Find Us Online. This is pretty obvious what it’s about. You can find their contact information.

Fiction has a couple submenu options, Novels and Short stories. These both provide links to Paul’s published books and short stories, all of which are science fiction.

As I said before, there are some good resources on this blog. Grammar Rants provides how you should and should not use various words and punctuation in writing fiction. For example, there’s a great one for homophones.

Then we come to Links. This is probably the most extensive feature of this blog. There are so many resources about writing that he’s linked to. This is a very valuable resource, and I think you should definitely check it out.

Finally, we have Mercenary Proofreader (and Editor). Thomas calls himself the Mercenary Proofreader, and this is what he primarily does. He edits and proofreads. This page is his work, and you can find out exactly what he does, as well as how much his services cost.

So, check out North of Andover, especially if you need writing advice or editing services. There’s a lot to learn here.

Personal message to Thomas

Thanks for being the great relay between Paul and Authors Answer. You’ve contributed a lot to the comments, which is very much appreciated. Your knowledge of writing is very welcome!

Blog Spotlight – lindaghill | Life in progress

Linda G. Hill is the only blogger/author I have actually met in person. And so her blog is next! She actually has two blogs, one is a more general one that includes a lot of writing, while the other one is completely dedicated to her writing. I’ll be doing her more general blog, lindaghill | Life in progress.

lindaghillAt first glance, you can see a neutral background with a very nice header image that makes you feel like you want to walk around that neighbourhood.  You can see that she talks about several topics.

The menu at the top contains the usual About Me, but also Boy Series – One Through…, Life, Parenting, Poetry, and On Writing. You can see most of it is about writing.

The About Me page gives you a brief bio, photo, and some links to social media and her fiction writing blog…and 402 comments!

The Boy Series menu option takes you to her fiction writing blog, and part one of a series called One Poor Boy.

The other menu options, Life, Parenting, Poetry, and On Writing, take you to the category pages for those topics. She is, of course, a parent, so you can read about that, as well as life in general. And finally, you can read some of her poetry and writing topics.

Her fiction blog, inspiration in progress, focuses more on her writing. She recently completed a full year of writing a scene every day. You can read her post about this accomplishment here.

So go on over and take a look at both blogs. There’s a lot to read, and I’m sure you won’t get bored.

Personal message to Linda

Linda, thanks for being a big supporter of mine, and of course, for taking part in Authors Answer. I look forward to more of your comments, posts, and answers in the future. Also, enjoy your trip to Japan!

Blog Spotlight – The War of Memory Project

The next blog I want to talk about is another big commenter on here. She’s been in the top commenters many times, and she has quite the blog, too. She does lot of worldbuilding, which is something I love.  So, this week, it’s H. Anthe Davis’ The War of Memory Project.

warofmemoryThe first thing you see is that it’s colourful. A nicely done banner image, as well as an attractive background. I like how it looks. Very easy to navigate, too. The menu is straightforward, and you can tell that this blog is all about her fantasy series.

The menu includes About, Glossary, The Characters, The Maps, The Stories, and The World. Taking a quick look at the About page, it talks about the project, some contact information, legal information, and some resources she uses.

The Glossary goes through a lot of terms that you would be unfamiliar with, hence the need for a glossary. It’s all about various things that are in her books. Useful resource if you ever forget something. A lot of fantasy authors do this in their books. This one is available online.

If you click on The Characters, it takes you to the main characters of the books. There are also menu options for Minor Characters and The Gods and Spirits. What I love about this is that the main characters are actually illustrated! And there are useful charts for the Gods and Spirits, as well.

The Maps takes you to a series of maps that are used for the settings in the books. You can also see The Ancient World from the menu, as well as Utility Maps.  I find all of these fascinating, but the Utility Maps show things like climate zones, languages, and so on. It’s a great look into worldbuilding. There are a lot of maps, if you love that kind of thing.

Under The Stories, you can see pages for each of the three currently published books, along with cover art and links to purchase the eBook or print book. Her most recently published book is The Living Throne. But of course, you’d want to start out with the first book,  The Light of Kerrindryr. The final page gives you a very detailed Series Timeline, which is another useful resource.

The World is for those of you who love worldbuilding. It gives an overview of the world, as well as Magic, The Histories, and The Races. There’s a lot to read here. It’s great to read if you want to know how she developed her world.

There’s a lot to see here, and since I’m a big worldbuilding geek, I enjoy going through it and taking it all in. And of course, I love the maps!

Personal message to H. Anthe Davis

Thank you always for being a great supporter of mine, and for your work in Authors Answer. You always have something interesting to say. I feel that with both of us doing worldbuilding, we could have a lot to talk about. More worldbuilding to come from me, of course!

Blog Spotlight – PERMASHIFT

This is the beginning of a new series of blog posts I will do highlighting other blogs I think you should see. First, as a thanks to my frequent commenters, I will highlight their blogs. This week, it’s S. R. Carrillo’s blog, PERMASHIFT.

permashiftWhen you first visit her blog, you’ll see this colourful view. It shows a list of her blog posts in summary form, and you can click to read what you like. It’s easy to navigate, and fairly simple.

The menu bar shows a search function, Home, About, My Writing, and Support Indie Authors. Looking at her About page, you can see a good, to the point bio about herself (in first person, which is what I like), a photo, and various social media you can follow her on.

Under My Writing, you can see The Soul series, as well as works in progress. She has a couple books published, so check them out.

The next one intrigues me. It’s Support Indie Authors. If you’re an indie author, she accepts review requests. You can also see author interviews, news on new releases, and more. Great resource if you’re an indie author.

So, what does she blog about? Looking at the categories, she reviews books, movies, games, etc. She also talks about her life, including Army life. She talks about her books. She talks about writing in general, as well.

I recommend going on over to her blog and looking around. There should be something that interests you. And did I mention she has a YouTube channel? Subscribe!

Personal message to Sierra

You’ve been a wonderful supporter of my blog, dedicated commenter, and one of the original Authors Answer members. I’d like to thank you very, very much for all of your support.

The HarsH ReaLiTy (another one bites the dust)

When I saw this in my reader, I was surprised, yet not surprised. Jason Cushman, aka Opinionated Man, has closed down his blog, HarsH ReaLiTy. I read frequently, but didn’t comment as much as I should have. But when I did, he always responded, and he did so with both a wonderful sense of humour and tons of helpfulness. You see, he was actually quite a generous person, helping out other bloggers become better bloggers. Many people loved his blog, and there were those who hated it. Whatever his reasons are for closing down his blog, I wish him luck. I hope to see him around the blogosphere again. Please read what Linda G. Hill has said about him. Lots of people have commented there.

So soon on the heels of the demise of the WordPress site “Mindful Digressions,” hosted by the amazing Doobster, comes the closure of HarsH ReaLiTy, brainchild of our beloved Opinionated Man, Jason Chandler Cushman.

I met Jason shortly after I started writing here on Life in Progress – I commented on one of his posts and was flabbergasted when he responded. From that day forward I knew what it took to gain a following, and quickly learned that there is a community at WordPress – one that is supportive, caring, and friendly. I thought about deleting my post “Save HarsH ReaLiTy,” but I think I’ll keep it open – it illustrates more than anything I’ve seen so far what a fantastic place we have here. You can view it here: http://lindaghill.com/2015/01/14/save-harsh-reality/ Most of all, read the comments. They are inspiring and heartwarming both.

Belinda at Idiot Writing – https://idiotwriting.wordpress.com/ – and…

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