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I Got a 3D Bookmark!

Thanks to my sister, I now have a bookmark. I’d been using a receipt for quite some time. Because of this blog post, my sister decided to buy me a bookmark. And it’s a nice, 3D holographic bookmark! I made a video unveiling the bookmark, but I had a little trouble. I’d made two videos that day, and I had the giggles and kept messing up. I added the bloopers to the end. Anyway, enjoy!

I’m thinking of keeping in the screw-ups. Adding humour to my videos should stop them from being too dry. What do you think?

Book Accessories: Bookmarks

I often talk about books, since this is mainly a book blog. But I don’t think I’ve ever talked about bookmarks before. They’re very useful pieces of paper, don’t you think?

Whenever I went shopping at Yurindo in Yokohama, they sometimes gave me a bookmark. I used them until they wore out, then I didn’t go shopping for books for a long time. And then, I used this:

It’s a receipt. And not just any receipt, but a receipt from a convenience store in Japan. I’ve been using that same receipt as a bookmark for at least a couple years.

Think I should use an actual bookmark? I watched a video on YouTube where the person asked his viewers if they could mail him bookmarks and postcards, if they liked. I like that idea, and even thought about it myself. If I could get a post office box, I’d do it. It sounds like fun.

When you read books, do you use a bookmark? What’s your bookmark like? Or do you dog ear the pages? Let me know in the comments below.