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Life in Japan: Japan on a Budget

Japan has a reputation for being expensive. But in recent years, it’s not really that expensive. It’s about as expensive as Canada, USA, Australia, or any place in Europe.  This week’s question comes from Trisha Ann.

I’m planning to visit Japan in October. My trip takes 6 days and I’m on a tight budget (but I won’t leave Jp without ever going to Harry Potter world and Kyoto!!). Any tips?

I’ve already written about visiting Kyoto, so I’ll talk about visiting Japan on a budget.

It may seem daunting to some people, considering all the touristy areas tend to be expensive.  But there are many ways to save money, especially related to food and transportation.

Going to big restaurants in the busy, tourist areas is not recommended.  Those restaurants tend to be geared toward tourists, anyway, so they raise the prices.  If you want cheap, go on some of the back streets where tourists usually don’t go. You can find a large number of small restaurants that are actually quite cheap. Just be aware that they may not speak any English or have an English menu. If they have a display case of plastic food, that’s great to point out what you want.  If you really want to save money, you can always go to a supermarket and get food there.  It depends on if you’re able to cook or not (probably not). But they have already prepared meals in supermarkets and convenience stores which are much cheaper than restaurants. Convenience stores and supermarkets both often have microwaves and tables for you to eat at.

Transportation is fairly simple. Avoid taxis. They’re expensive. If possible, try taking the train as much as you can, or even just walking.  If available, you could get a weekly pass for the train. Kyoto is fairly walkable, so you could easily walk from one place to another. One of the good things about walking is that you get to see the real Japan, going through residential neighbourhoods. The central part of the city is based on a grid, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get around. Be careful about rickshaw rides. They could get pricey, but I don’t know what they’re like in Kyoto. As for Osaka, it’s a bit more difficult to get around because of the street layout. But the trains, like Kyoto, should be very useful, especially if you have a pass.

I hope that helps. Enjoy your trip to Japan.

If you have any questions about living in Japan, please see the original post and leave your questions in the comments.

Editors for Every Budget

I just have to reblog this. For anyone that needs an editor, here are some good suggestions, even if you can’t afford to pay much for one. There are options!

Winter Bayne

And yes, I do indeed mean every budget. Even the ramen noodle budget.

Authors trying to get into publishing houses or writers wanting to self publish grapple with the editor dilemma. I personally think they are well worth the investment. One of the biggest investments when it comes to publishing right along with book covers (if you happen to be self publishing).

Editors are demi-gods, just don’t tell them that before they review your work. 😉

This week alone I’ve been asked by three different writers about editors they could possibly use. It’s happening more and more now for some reason. Here is my generic response and you’ll probably find something here to assist you.

The editor I’ve used is James of Story Medic. I can’t promise he’s cheap, but I do enjoy working with him. I got accepted twice by publishing houses didn’t I? I didn’t do it alone…

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