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Difficulties With Softbank

My cell phone company in Japan is Softbank. They’re one of the big companies in Japan, and were the first to have iPhones. I was a customer when it was Vodafone. Then Softbank bought them and everything was changed over.

We left Japan on March 30th, attempted to change our plan over the phone in the airport, and we were assured that we would only be charged 400 yen per month per phone. There are two phones, mine and my wife’s. My contract is up soon, so I need to cancel it soon. Then we’d only be paying for my wife’s phone until that’s up.

Fast-forward to today. We found out that they haven’t changed anything! So, what do I do? I call the number for customers who are overseas. I called four times tonight. The most unbelievable thing happened. They said no one was available that could speak English. This was just the main line. I’ve called before and they spoke English. I called later, and the next two times, they tried transferring me to someone else, and the original guy came back on saying sorry, they are busy. Try again. The final time I called tonight, they said the same thing as the first one. No one who can speak English is available. What the hell? Do they just not have any English speakers working today? I guess I’ll be trying every night until I can get through to an English-speaking person.

Anyone have anything like this happen?


Upgrades Make Me Nervous

I have no idea why, but whenever I upgrade something, I feel nervous.  Maybe it’s because I’ve upgraded something in the past and it was a mistake.  I had problems.  Well, this time, I’ve upgraded my phone.

I’ve had the same phone for three years now, and I’ve finally got a new iPhone.  Now what am I nervous about?  Well, I’m worried about losing data.  I’m worried about having to reconfigure my WordPress app again.  Or is it just that I have to worry about remembering all my passwords?

I think the worst thing is that I have to sync my old iPhone first, and the AC adapter doesn’t stay in the phone very well anymore.  It gets pretty loose.  I don’t need it to disconnect while I’m backing up all my data.

Well, that’s my task tonight.