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Journey to Ariadne – Part 3: Dilemmas

It’s finally available for you to read. Part 3 of Journey to Ariadne is here! What you see is not the final version. This is basically a first draft. What will be published will likely look very different than this. I hope you enjoy it!

Jay Dee Archer

May 21, 2163

Ariadne Project Mission Control

Hellas City, Hellas Basin, Mars


Paolo read the report for the third time. The news agencies on Earth confirmed it, an attempted coup on the ruling government. However, it had been crushed. People were desperate. I shouldn’t read bad news in the morning, he thought. He turned off the computer screen and saw his reflection. The past two months had been exhilarating, but the dark circles under his eyes reminded him of the stress he was under. He was thinner. He wondered if a person could die of exhaustion. He turned and walked out of the office.

“Breakfast is ready,” said Irina, as he joined her in the dining room. “This should give you the energy you need for today’s meeting.”

Paolo looked at the table and saw the porridge, buttered bread, and fried eggs with a cup of coffee. He…

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