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Welcome to My Writing Studio/Office

This is my project:

Doesn’t look like much yet, but I’m going to have it set up so I can write, do videos, and work in a quiet place. There are a lot of boxes and things in there, and space needs to be made for me to set up my computer, but I’ll work on it over time.

First of all, I just want some space to put my computer and sit down. We need a rug to protect the floor from a chair. That’s all I need in the beginning.

After that, I’ll want to arrange the room and hide the boxes, so a partition or sheets hanging from the ceiling would work.

What I’m going to do is give you updates on the Office Project periodically when I’ve done something. I’ll be getting something done soon, so I should have an update within the next week.

What would you do with the room? Let me know in the comments.

Another Long Day

Unlike yesterday, I went through the day with a full night’s sleep and a big buffet breakfast. We had a good lunch. But we haven’t had dinner. We did a lot today, but still a bit to clean tomorrow morning before the inspection. We have to get up very early, though. Still a bit of recycling, cleaning, and throwing out garbage to do.

On another topic, over the past three days, one of my posts went viral on Facebook. Due to its political nature, it’s attracted more than 600 views. I had 419 views total yesterday, which is a new record. I even got a couple comments from conservatives who wanted to attack my position. Fun!

I won’t be able to reply to comments until tomorrow night, I don’t think.

So, have a good night, or day, as the case may be.

Puzzles and Sukiyaki

It was a day of cleaning. Lots of bags ready to go out to the garbage. That was all done in the morning. But the afternoon, four hours to be exact, I spent time going through my daughter’s puzzles and putting them together.

What in the world was I doing playing with her puzzles? Well, she’s lost a lot of pieces, and I was checking to see what’s missing. Well, there are still some missing pieces, so I’ll be looking for them as we clean the living room and sort her toys. Maybe I’ll find them all. I hope so. She loves puzzles.

Anyway, dinner tonight is sukiyaki with wagyuu, which is Japanese beef. You know, the expensive stuff. But don’t worry, I didn’t buy it. It was a gift. It tastes amazing!


And yes, that orange stuff on the bottom right of the picture is raw egg. That’s something I got used to eating in Japan. Makes sukiyaki taste great!

An Update on Our Move to Canada

Cleaning is progressing! But still so much to do. Also, the electronic travel authorization, which I mentioned before, is a topic in my most recent video. Check it out below.

With just two weeks until we move out, we have to get busy with the packing. Much of the cleaning will come after everything’s been removed from the apartment. With our cleaning and full move out done by the 25th, we’ll have four days to see friends and do as much as we can before we fly to Canada. I’m looking forward to those days, but it’ll be really hard to leave Japan and all those friends.