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Doing Collaborations

Recently, I’ve been asked to do some collaborations or to join a team on an online magazine or website. While these offers aren’t often, I’ve recently had a couple come up that look interesting, but I honestly cannot do.

It’s six months until we move to Canada. We’re busy with preparations. I work full time, and my free time is taken up by my family, this blog, and a couple other things I’ve taken on or already agreed to do. Authors Answer is my big collaboration project right now. It’s not stopping anytime soon.

Next year, after we’ve moved to Canada, I’ll be busy with getting everything settled in Canada, including school for my daughter, job, and taking classes. I’ll have more privacy at that time, so I can finally get some serious work done on Ariadne. That will be my creative priority, as well as this blog. Add on my YouTube channel, which I fully intend to regularly update, and I’m busy again.

I’ve had people ask me if I could review their book. I have a backlog of around two hundred books. I can’t take review requests at this time. It’s unlikely I ever will.

So, basically, I’m busy. I don’t have time to do anything extra. I have some things you don’t know about that I’m working on behind the scenes that are not related to this blog or my writing, but have to do with something else entirely.

So, I respectfully ask anyone who wants to collaborate with me to give me at least six months until I can commit to anything. I’ll update on this stance when I’m able to do something more. Thank you.