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I Have a Problem With ‘Overrated’

I hear this a lot in comment sections of websites or on forums.  That book/movie is overrated.  I personally have a bit of a problem with that statement.

Something is overrated when it gets more attention or praise than it deserves.  I can see how this can be an issue if an indie author’s friends are all rating their book a 5.  Then it’s a valid argument.  But if it’s a very popular book or movie that is almost universally liked, how is it overrated?

If a book or movie has a high overall rating, it’s because most people liked or loved it.  The people who don’t like it say it’s overrated, as if they believe that the rating is far too high than it deserves to be.  Well, I don’t agree.  If most people love it, then it’s only fair to say that it should be rated highly.  It’s rated fairly.  Urban Dictionary says that people who say it’s overrated are resentful of people who love it.  I’d mostly agree.  Those people seem to be quite aggressive in their comments online, and love to argue with and insult those who love what they hate.  They seem obsessed with their dislike.

If you dislike something so much, why do you go out of your way to throw insults at people?  I’d like to hear from people who do that.  If you’re like that, can you explain why you do it?  I’m really curious about it.