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To Those Who Blame Justin Trudeau for CPP Investment in Mumbai

I saw this article on Facebook. I saw the comments on CBC’s website and on Facebook. Many people are blaming Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government for this. Many think it’s his doing. Many think he’s the one who decided to do this. If you’re one of these people, read this very carefully:

You are wrong.


The CPP Investment Board is independent. The Canadian government does not control it. CPPIB’s decisions are made by them and by them only. The Canadian government has no say in what they do, nor do they appoint anyone to the Board.

Another thing people don’t understand is that they invest in projects that are low risk and see a high return. Their goal is to make money on investments.

So, if you’re still blaming Justin Trudeau for this, then there’s no hope for you. You are thick-skulled and are only blaming Justin Trudeau just because you want to blame him. Honestly, get over it and do some damn research.

Edit: Correction. The board members are appointed by the Finance Minister and provincial Finance Ministers. However, they still operate independently of the government. Also, the current board was appointed under Harper’s administration.