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Compelling Myself to Read

Do you love reading? I do. I love it so much I want to get myself into the worlds that exist in the books. But I find I’m not reading much at the moment. I’m on the same book I started in February. That’s too long! So, I need to get myself to read. Just set aside a little time. Reading is good for you! It can help you increase your vocabulary, reduce stress, and it’s good mental and emotional therapy. Some people say it can even make you more successful. But I just enjoy it.

Here is my challenge for myself: Set aside thirty minutes a day when I can be alone in a quiet place and read. I should be able to finish the book I’m reading within two weeks and finish another book by the end of this month. So, I’m going to do it!

I talked about this in a video, as well. If you like cute things, watch the video! My daughter is in it. She wants hearts.

So, how do you set aside time for yourself to read? Let me know in the comments below. Also, send some hearts for my daughter. She wants some.

Best Conversation with My Daughter Ever

Every night, my daughter has a bedtime routine. First, I change her into her pajamas, then she brushes her teeth. She has a drink of water and uses the toilet. I then read a book with her. She’s actually learning to read now, which is great to see. And once that’s done, she lies down next to me and talks a bit.

Tonight, she had an amazing conversation with me. While she speaks almost entirely in Japanese, and I speak to her in English, we understand each other.

She talked about all of the people who are important to her. She started off by saying that she’s a big girl, her friend Tsuki is a big girl, and her mommy is a big girl. She then said that I was cool and her mommy was cute. Then she said she was cute, her cousin was cute, her friends were cute, her relatives were cute or cool (she still calls my mom, her grandmother, a boy or cool). Then she hugged me and said “Arigatou (Thank you).” She hugged me very tightly and talked a bit more about everyone. And then she said “Daddy daisuki (I love you, Daddy).” And finally, “Hontou ni arigatou (I really mean it, thank you).”

My heart has melted. I have the best daughter.

Reality is Stranger than Fiction?

First, I’d like you to watch this video.  After that, please read on.  It’ll make it easier to respond to my questions.

That is my daughter.  She’s 2 years and 7 months old at the moment, and as you can see, she doesn’t exactly speak English like a normal Canadian kid.  Well, that’s because we live in Japan, and she spends much of her time hearing Japanese.  Her language is mixed.  But this isn’t the important thing.

What I’d like to know is this: How would you react if you read this scene in a novel that was not meant to be funny?  Let’s say a serious novel about a young family’s struggle to become successful.  If this video were written out just the way it looks, how would you react?  Could you take it seriously?  Is reality truly stranger than fiction?