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When I Become Silly

I did something I never thought I’d do. I made a very silly video, and I’m not sure how people are going to take it. In this video, I attempt parkour, survival in a forest, a Gollum impression, showing off my talents, and gaming. Curious? Watch:

This is not what I’m going to do normally for my vlog. Just brainstorming and doing my worst at these things. Hope you enjoyed it! I’m not exactly the best actor. And stay for the blooper at the end.

What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. And if you’re interested in following my vlog, then please subscribe!

A Feeling of Change

Today has been a day of change. Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling very good. I was feeling like I was at a low, one of my lowest days in a very long time. But a couple things happened today that have changed all of that.

I’m not going into one of them, because it’s not guaranteed 100%, and I don’t want to talk about it publicly, anyway. The other thing, I will definitely talk about.

You see, I did something I’ve never done. It’s part of the daily vlog that I started. I spent some time outside making a video. If anyone watched me, they’d probably wonder what the hell I was doing. I mean, it looked extremely silly. I’m going to be posting the video tomorrow, and I’m almost afraid of it making me look like an idiot, but it’s meant to look like I’m failing at things. If you’re curious, subscribe to my vlog channel. I’ll also post the video here, in case you don’t want to subscribe. Either way, look for it tomorrow!

But really, the most exciting change is something I’m not telling you. But I might say something about it in a week.

Daily Blog? How About Daily Vlog?

I blog twice a day. I’ve been doing that for a long time now. But how about vlogging every day? I’m going to attempt that this week! Here is the first video.

But just wait for tomorrow’s video. I’ll be going over a decision about what to vlog about. That’s been a question I’ve been trying to answer. What do I vlog about? My main channel is about books. But my vlog channel needs some sort of direction, too.

Any ideas? What would you like to see in a vlog? Let me know in the comments below. Keep in mind that I don’t want to stage or script anything.