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Some Amazing Home Libraries

I’ve posted about home libraries before, and there were some impressive ones. Bookbub has now shown us twenty more amazing home libraries. I’ve seen only one of them before, so all the others are completely new to me. Let’s take a quick look through them all. I suggest going to the Bookbub page while you see what I have to say about them.

1. The bedroom is interesting. A bit too white for me, though.

2. The blue room looks like it has a good sized bookshelf, but I’m not impressed very much. Looks classical, though.

3. The green one is also classical, but like the blue room, doesn’t impress me. Maybe I’m not so interested in the classical?

4. Now, this is more like it. I like this one. It’s big and airy. The bookshelf is fairly big, too. I like the big open space this room provides.

5. I hadn’t thought of this before. A walk-in closet converted into a home library. This is an interesting idea, though nowhere to sit. I could go for it, though.

6. This is another simple design, but look closely at it. There are books in every single possible space. Even under the sofa. I like it.

7. This is impressive. High bookshelves, and a nice view through the window. This is probably one of my favourites.

8. Another classical design. For some reason, I like this one better than the other ones. It seems cozy.

9. Wow. That is a tall bookshelf! My only question is how they get the books down. I haven’t been able to find a ladder.

10. These blue bookshelves aren’t doing anything for me. Not interested in the room’s design.

11. This isn’t bad. Love the amount of bookshelves, but I don’t think the room’s design is very inspiring.

12. Very red! Actually, my dream home office/library has red walls, but dark red. And the shelves have to be wood, not painted red. And I’d like a modern couch and desk.

13. The couch dominates in this one. The shelves seem smaller than in other rooms. Looks comfortable, though.

14. This is Neil Gaiman’s library. Impressive collection, though I don’t like the ceiling. To me, it feels unfinished. But maybe he likes this design.

15. Simple. Nice TV. I could go for this, but it’s not the greatest. But I could live with it.

16. This is interesting. I like this one. Maybe it’s because of the shape of the room. I tend to like rooms that aren’t the standard cube. We have angles here!

17. I am impressed! That bookshelf is incredible. Extremely high. I’d be afraid of falling down. But very nice.

18. This is kind of cozy, but I’m afraid it’s not my kind of design. I think I’d pass on this one.

19. Very simple. Looks like it belongs in a museum, though. The books all look fake in this picture. They’re all the same colour!

20. The colour looks a bit old-fashioned to me. Not really liking this one very much.

I think that out of all of these rooms, I like the design of number 7 the most. I could see this in my future home. Modern, spacious, and lots of bookshelves.

How about you? Which ones do you like?

The Imperial Palace Makes Me Want to Do What?

Today’s visit to the Imperial Palace was a very good one. Just take a look at this.


That is just a small part of the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor and Empress of Japan live. We can’t go in there, but we can go into the Eastern Gardens. That was beautiful. While walking around through the multiple gates, the landscape, and the many native Japanese plants, we noticed how everything was carefully constructed and planned.

Well, looking at how things were built, I had a strong desire to do two things. First is worldbuilding. Second is play SimCity 4. SimCity 4? Yes! It’s one of my favourite games, and I loved watching my cities grow. Unfortunately, the CD is covered in dry food after my daughter decided to play with it after eating. Not sure how I can get it off now.

Anyone else get a desire to do anything like that? Let me know in the comments below.

Tiny Houses and More

Lately, I’ve been getting into watching videos on YouTube about tiny houses. You know, a house smaller than your entire living room. What fascinates me about them has a lot to do with wondering how they deal with living with such a small space. How do they organise everything? How do they make such a small house look bigger by optimising space? It’s all very interesting.

But I think another reason I wonder is because my family often went camping when I was a kid, and we had a trailer that we stayed in several weekends every summer. I have fond memories of playing in the sand, eating small boxes of cereal, and going down to the river to play on our private beach (a sandbar).

But back to tiny houses, here’s a sample that’s very interesting. It’s a pretty unique design.

This video and many others can be found on the Tiny House Giant Journey channel on YouTube.

Want something a little more futuristic? How about this guy’s Star Trek themed house?

Sometimes just looking at people’s unusual homes is very interesting. What do you think about living in a tiny house or a themed house?

Bookshelf Porn

As a reader of books, I love bookshelves.  I love looking at them, I love putting books in them, I love taking books down to read.  But look at my bookshelf.

20150101-234140-85300100.jpgA mess.  It’s actually a closet with shelves in it, and I have too many books to store them properly.  I need to figure out how to make it look better.

But I don’t want you looking at my bookshelves.  I want you to look at these ones.  BookBub has 21 amazing bookshelves for you to salivate over.  They look wonderful, don’t they?  Well, I’d like to do a poll.  So below, please vote for your favourite on that page (or favourites, I’ll leave this open for multiple choices), then leave a comment talking about why you chose it/them.

Designing a Starship

In Star Trek, the starships are all very elegant looking and quite beautiful.  They just look really good.  They are also advanced and have had a couple hundred years of history, so the designs tend to be more aesthetically pleasing.

I’m designing a starship for Journey to Ariadne.  I’ve made a sketch which looks a bit clunky, but I’m not entirely satisfied with it.  I don’t want it to look beautiful.  It shouldn’t look beautiful.  It should be built for function, not form.  Take a look at past forms of transportation in their first incarnations.

The first automobile, an 1885 Benz.
The first automobile, an 1885 Benz.
The Wright Flyer, the first airplane from 1903.
The Wright Flyer, the first airplane from 1903.
The Vostok I capsule that brought Yuri Gagarin into space in 1961. Photo taken by SiefkinDR and used under Creative Commons License.
The Vostok I capsule that brought Yuri Gagarin into space in 1961. Photo taken by SiefkinDR and used under Creative Commons License.

Notice a theme?  None of them are particularly attractive.  They weren’t built to look good.  They were built simply to work.  It’s only in the years and decades after that design became important (cars are now made to look good, planes are made to be aerodynamic and fuel efficient, and the space shuttle ended the utilitarian spacecraft era).  So it’s only logical that the first interstellar spacecraft will look more like a collection of modules connected by a framework and various instruments extending from the main body.  This is what I need to consider when designing a starship.  Think about function first, then refine it a bit.

I’m going to have one ugly spaceship.  And it’ll be a massive one.

Incredible Home Libraries

I would like to share with you some amazing home libraries.  Last year, I wrote about my dream office/library, but I’ve found a website that features 37 home libraries that look great.  Some are incredible!  Take a look here, then come back here.

Finished?  Good.  So, which ones do I like?  I like many of them, but these ones stand out:

The first one looks nice and cozy.  It’s nothing really special, but I like the atmosphere.

The second one looks incredible.  I love the looks of it, and it’s very creative.  It can be a library and an office.  I believe this is a famous author’s writing studio, as I’ve seen this picture elsewhere.

I like the vertical one in the fourth picture.  It just seems to feel so open and lots of room for books.

The sixteenth picture with the bookshelves accessible from a raised platform on the wall looks interesting.  I like the looks, but I’m not sure about the comfort, though.

The eighteenth picture has bookshelves everywhere!  It’s modern, bright, and room for a huge number of books.  I really like this one.

The twenty-fifth library is huge.  Long shelves and an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows.  It feels more like a real library.

The twenty-seventh library appears rustic and comfortable.  I prefer modern, but this one just seems pleasant.

The twenty-ninth is very interesting.  It has two levels with a great shape.  The upper level is just bookshelves, while the lower level has windows all around, though bookshelves are placed in front of them.  Not sure how the sun will affect the books.

The thirty-second looks great.  It has a long, wood bookcase that curves along the wall and has comfortable-looking chairs.  It’s also pretty open and bright.  I like it.

I like the thirty-third, as well.  The shelves are all above everything, accessible by stairs.  I seem to like the libraries with high shelves.

Which do you like?  Do you have a favourite?  Leave your comments.