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Should I Respond to Your Blog Post?

I’m going to start doing something new on this blog. Not reblog. Those don’t get read very much. I’m going to respond to other people’s blog posts.

I’m going to link to the original blog post that I feel needs to be responded to, and write what I think about the topic. I will respond to anything about writing, books, science, environment, and sometimes current events. I will respond to some things I agree with, and I will tackle some posts I completely disagree with. I want to show another side of an argument or add on to a topic I think is important.

And to start things off, I’m going to take requests. If you have a blog post you’d like me to respond to, let me know in the comments below. Preferably your blog post, but I’ll take other suggestions, too. Looking forward to seeing what you want me to respond to.

When Reading Pushes Me to Write

There are times when a book makes me want to write. Other times, reading gives me little or no inspiration. I’m in the former state at the moment.

For some reason, The Wheel of Time inspires me. The colourful and well-developed characters, the wonderful worldbuilding, and the entertaining story help put me in a creative mood.

On the other hand, The Iliad did the opposite. The characters were like caricatures, very unrealistic, and incredibly melodramatic. The narration (although it was a poem) was adjective-heavy, incredibly repetitive, and the dialogue was completely unnatural. It was difficult to read, and it dulled my creativity. My coming review of the book will say something similar, but I did like it.

Even though I’ve said I wouldn’t be doing much in the way of writing for Ariadne until after we’ve moved to Canada, I have a very strong itch to write. Maybe I can use this opportunity to do some critiquing. Or maybe do some outlining. Or maybe do some more worldbuilding. Maybe all of them. We’ll see.

Do some books inspire you to write, while others do the opposite? Let me know in the comments below.

Dialogue and Action

Writing the A to Z Challenge is showing I tend to focus a lot on dialogue. Granted, many of the parts I’ve written have little action so far. But I find it interesting how I feel comfortable writing dialogue. More comfortable than I am writing action.

How do you feel about this? As a reader, do you enjoy dialogue or action more? And as a writer, which do you find easier or more satisfying to write?

I find with dialogue, I can just let the words flow naturally. But with action, I’m often searching for appropriate words to portray the action more accurately and dynamically. That is more difficult.

Toddler Dialogue

If you don’t have children or work with toddlers, it can be difficult to know how they talk. As I have an almost three-year-old, I get to hear how she speaks all the time. Maybe I’m in a less common situation, because she’s growing up to be bilingual.

Some things to remember are that toddlers have very limited vocabulary, they get verb tenses wrong much of the time, they’re limited to sentence fragments, usually use third person to talk about themselves, have bad pronunciation, and are obsessed with saying “no.”

Do you have any more ideas?