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The Star Trek Project – Video Digest 1

It’s here! The Star Trek Project has come to YouTube, and you can now watch the first two videos!

Every week on Monday, I’ll be posting the previous week’s videos for The Star Trek Project, so you can get them all in one place. This week, I have the introduction video plus episode 1.

First off, I have the intro video. Please watch as I explain how this will work.

And the best part, episode 1! This is my review of the first episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, titled “The Man Trap.” Enjoy! You can read my review here.

Let me know what you think of this episode in the comments below. If you’re interested in following along as I review every episode of Star Trek, then please subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

Week in Review – January 16, 2016

What a week it’s been. First, David Bowie died, then Alan Rickman. And then tonight, my wife’s dog when she was a teenager died. Hopefully, this post will be a bit more uplifting and happy. Find out what you missed this week.

This week’s posts

We start off with something extreme, Extreme Learning. How much of a learner are you? What kind of learner are you? Can you be an Extreme Learner?

Big week for language test drives. This was the first: Test Driving Languages – Swedish. Not very difficult, and a lot like Norwegian. Find out what I thought.

The first of the surprising deaths this week was a big one. I thought he was strange, but I liked him when I was a kid. David Bowie Was an Oddity.

This week had the 12th, which means we celebrated the commenters. Find out who the top commenters were in Commentition Jovial January 2016.

This week also featured a new series. First, I posted a notice, Coming Soon: Top Ten Tuesday. It ended up being posted Thursday.

Another language, and the last Scandinavian and Germanic language I’ll be doing for quite some time. This time, find out what I thought in Test Driving Languages – Danish.

On the writing front, I was thinking about how we portray villains in novels. How should we experience The Antagonist Point of View? Know what they think, or be completely in the dark?

Finally, the first of the Top Ten lists came. It took me a while to write, so make sure you check out Top Ten Largest Moons.

And then the second of the big celebrity deaths. Same country, same age, same reason. And Now Alan Rickman.

Authors Answer 63 – We All Started Somewhere was next, which is right on schedule. We discussed how we started writing, and more specifically, what we wrote. Interesting answers.

And then, my last language of the week, one that’s completely different than any of the languages I’ve done recently. Find out what I thought in Test Driving Languages – Turkish.

On a light note, we found something we’d seen advertised on the internet, Sliced Chocolate, the New Processed Sliced Cheese. I have since tried it. It tastes like chocolate, and it’s actually much stiffer than a slice of cheese.

Our move to Canada keeps getting closer, and I keep thinking about what I get to do when we get to Canada. Find out what in The Anticipation of Going to Canada.

And finally, on a more ridiculous topic, it seems that people won’t stop trying to push their religion down other people’s throats. Interested? Read Prayer in Public School? It’s the Twenty-First Century!


I’ve made some progress, but honestly, not fast enough. I really need to concentrate more on reading. I’ve made advances in Ben Bova’s Mercury. Now at 25% finished. As for Keepers of Water, progress is slower. I’m now at 31% finished.


I did three test drives this week, moving them all to level 2 on Duolingo. They are Swedish, Danish, and Turkish. French continues to slowly advance while I do the test drives. Only three more test drives to go until I’m caught up, though another language appears to be coming along very soon.


It appears that my wife doesn’t need a visitor visa at all if she’s to go to Canada before her Permanent Residency is granted. She can stay for up to six months and is allowed to study, as long as it’s less than six months. The problem is proving that she won’t overstay and that she can afford to fly back to Japan before the end of her permitted stay.


I really should stop starting these courses when I’m busy. I haven’t done anything at all.

That’s all for this week. It’s been such an up and down week. Hopefully, your week has gone more smoothly. I think the next week will feature another Top Ten list, as well as an attempt at Polish, and perhaps Ukrainian. I need to learn Cyrillic before I can even attempt Ukrainian. Maybe I’ll even do a Worldbuilding post this week. I really do need to get to work on those. And I’d like to finally start on those videos about Japan.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below.

Week in Review – January 9, 2016

I seem to be missing a week. Well, last week, I wasn’t home. I couldn’t make the week in review post. So, this is the two week in review post! It’s a long one. With the new year holidays, I posted a lot. Well, here we go! What did you miss? Probably a lot, if you’ve been on holiday!

This week’s (and last week’s) posts

Starting off the week, I posted some Instagram photos for you to vote on. They’re getting better all the time. If you haven’t voted, please go! Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 27.

Next is a post that is full of happiness and cuteness. I had the Best Conversation with My Daughter Ever. What a talk we had. You have to read it.

I announced my plans for the New Year in terms of blogging. It’s A New Year Live Blog. And of course, it happened, and you’ll see the links further below.

My next post was number 1,500! So, I wrote My Post 1,500 Wishlist for 2016. There are a lot of things I want to happen this year.

Then, I gave a friendly reminder about my social media links and other websites I frequent in Where Can You Find Me? So, if you haven’t followed me on those sites, please do!

In So Excited About No Man’s Sky, I Have to Mention It Again, I am really excited about a space exploration game coming out in June this year. I really, really want it!

Continuing with the languages, I checked out a Germanic language. Find out what I thought in Test Driving Languages – Dutch.

I found something useful for those who love writing. Looking for a Writing Competition in 2016? Check these out.

We got potato chips! Interesting Flavours, actually.  Some of them kind of unusual. Ever heard of these flavours before?

Our move to Canada is coming soon. I talked about plans in Ninety Days to Canada. Hard to believe we’re leaving Japan.

In my final post of 2015, I took A Look Back at 2015. There are stats, including WordPress’s annual report. And who were my top commenters? They commented so many times!

And now, the live blog begins! Here’s the first part: A New Year in Japan – Pre-dawn.

In part 2, we saw the sunrise! A New Year in Japan – Sunrise at Enoshima.

Going ahead to part 3, we had breakfast. A surprising breakfast. A New Year in Japan – Poutine for Breakfast!

After that, I had a completely automated post pop up in the middle of my live blog. It was Authors Answer 61 – A Look at 2016. Since I wasn’t home for it, I had to schedule it. Find out what we’re all doing for 2016.

Now, back to the live blog that was rudely interrupted. This time, we’re on the move in part 4. A New Year in Japan – On the Train.

In part 5, we have arrived at our destination and had lunch. A New Year in Japan – Traditional Food for Lunch.

In part 6, we had our first temple visit of the year. A New Year in Japan – Hatsumode.

And then in the final part of the day, part 7, we had dinner. A New Year in Japan – The Feast.

The next day, we had a pretty busy day. Here is part 8. A New Year in Japan – Day Two Begins With More Family.

In part 9, we visited another temple, but I also got my fortune. A New Year in Japan – A Temple Visit with Luck?

Then, in part 10, we ate more! It seems we ate a lot. A New Year in Japan – A Fried Japanese Dinner.

On the third day, in part 11, I looked at a tree outside my wife’s grandmother’s house. Very interesting and unusual. A New Year in Japan – Two Trees or One?

In part 12, we’re on our way home, and we stopped briefly at the busiest train station in the world! A New Year in Japan – A Break at Shinjuku Station.

And finally, the live blogging ends in part 13, another train ride! A New Year in Japan – Taking the Romance Car Home.

Then, I talked about some more specific goals for 2016 in Back to Normal? Short and Long Term Goals. Find out what I plan to do.

If you are new to this blog, I want you to go to this blog post. Even if you aren’t new to this blog, go to this post. Give me your answer. And share it! Share as much as you can! I want lots of answers for this question: What Is Your Country’s Best Literature?

Although a little bit late, I did get this post done: Month in Review – December 2015. It was a slow month. But so far, January 2016 is much busier!

I was asked to take part in a podcast, the Just Japan Podcast. At the time of this post, I had just done the interview, so it wasn’t available yet.

On Monday, we walked 17 km. I took a lot of pictures. Enjoy the pictures in A Journey on Foot – Exploring. And there was some good Indian food, too!

I then asked another book-related question. Lots of comments there! So, please join the conversation: Do Book Covers Matter to You?

On Tuesday, we went walking again. 19 km! We visited a temple, where it was so busy, it was like a festival. Again, lots of pictures, so please enjoy Another Walk – Unexpected Festivities.

And then very quickly, the podcast was up! Go read I’m a Guest on the Just Japan Podcast! and then listen to the interview.

Next up is our weekly Authors Answer. This time, there were some very interesting answers. I loved reading what everyone had to say. Head on over to Authors Answer 62 – Our Favourite Created Characters.

Looking at languages and literature together, I asked Are Constructed Languages Legitimate? Join the discussion and let me know what you think.

I did another language test drive, this time a Romance language. Find out what I thought of Portugal and Brazil’s language in Test Driving Languages – Portuguese.

And finally, a little bit of knowledge and fun with some animal sounds. That includes the fox. Find out the answer to What Does the _____ Say?


I finished The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan and started another book. I am now 8% into Mercury, by Ben Bova. It’s the first of his books I’ve ever read. As for Keepers of Water, I’m now 27% done.


I did test drives of Dutch and Portuguese, and made some progress on French. No going up in levels, though.


Just some worries about my wife’s visa. We really hope it comes before we leave for Canada. Otherwise, there could be complications.


I’m starting a new online course through FutureLearn. It’s only a four week course about Orion, which includes star formation, exoplanets, and more. Just some basic astronomy, so shouldn’t be much new for me.

That’s all for this week. That was a long post! So, please check out the posts you’ve missed. Over the next week, I should get some series going, especially Quick Facts, and also get a review or two up. Look forward to those!

How was your week?

Week in Review – December 26, 2015

It’s the final week in review for 2015, and this past week has been dedicated partly to languages. I did a couple language test drives. It was also Christmas, and I had some Christmas posts. So, what did you miss? Let’s find out what happened this week.

This week’s posts

I started off with a language test drive. It was a pleasant surprise, and fairly easy to learn. Read all about it: Test Driving Languages – Norwegian.

Laundromats are often places to run into strange people. That happened last weekend. Find out about my Adventures at the Coin Laundry.

I reminisce a lot about my youth sometimes. And one of the things I enjoyed doing was creating characters for RPGs. I talked about The Appeal of Dungeons and Dragons and I still feel like I want to get some of the game books.

There’s been talk before about Bill Nye running for President. Well, I think he and another famous scientist should be running mates. See who else I chose at Forget Clinton, Sanders, Trump, and Carson.

I quickly got back into doing another language. It was also easy, especially after Spanish and French. Find out what I had to say in Test Driving Languages – Italian.

Holidays are coming next week, so I talked about my Busy Two Weeks. It’s not Christmas that’s busy, it’s New Year’s!

With all the advances in science and technology lately, it feels like many things today are science fiction. Join the discussion at Do We Live in a Science Fiction World? Need more comments!

My family went up to see the in-laws, and I posted the next post from a train station. I saw a giant chess piece. So, I asked Do You Play Chess? I do. I really want to play, actually.

After getting back home from our overnight trip, I had some thoughts about Japan’s train system. It’s Convenient, Yet Inconvenient – Japan’s Train System. It can be a headache with young children.

Also on Christmas Eve, I thought about what Christmas feels like in Japan and Canada. Find out what I had to say in The Christmas feeling Is Missing.

Christmas Day fell on a Friday, so that meant this year’s Christmas Authors Answer was on Christmas! We had a nice, simple one this year. Go read Authors Answer 60 – Merry Christmas from All of Us.

More Christmas! This time, Christmas dinner. I love turkey, but many people seem to think it’s not very good in Japan. So, What Do You Think of Turkey?

Although I posted this after Christmas Day had finished (in Japan), it was still Christmas Day in North America. I made a video with a pleasant walk around a park and gave my Christmas message. Check out Merry Christmas from Japan.


I made some progress, but not a lot. I wanted to read on the train to and from my in-laws’, but my daughter didn’t make it easy. However, I’m now at 81% in The Dragon Reborn and 22% for Keepers of Water. Hope to finish The Dragon Reborn before the year ends.


I did a couple of test drives, so both Norwegian and Italian are at level 2. I also studied some French, though I didn’t advance in level there. I’m kind of going slowly recently.


We’ve been doing a bit of packing. Four boxes done with more to come. With the holiday season here, I’m not really expecting any update for the visa application until January is here.

Online Courses

I signed up for a new course on FutureLearn that starts January 4th. It’s only four weeks long, and is fairly basic astronomy. Just doing it for fun and maybe I’ll learn something new, though unlikely. But it should have some more recent updates, as there will be some information about exoplanets in the region of Orion.

That’s it for this week. Next week’s update will not be happening. I’m not going to be able to access my computer at that time, so I’ll do a weekly update that’ll consist of two weeks’ worth of posts. Also, I may be doing some videos over the next week. So look out for that.

What did you do in the past week?

Week in Review – December 19, 2015

Hard to believe the year is almost over. The new year is coming very soon. This week, I talked a lot about the future and a little of the past. I focused quite a bit about this blog this week. What did you miss? Take a look!

This week’s posts

First up, I looked at some old technology in Does Anyone Still Use a… Well, do you? Read and share what you still use.

This week, I talked a lot about what I’ll be doing in the future, so I did a four part Mission Statement. This is the first part, discussion reviews I’ll be doing: Mission Statement – Books, Movies, and TV.

The Mission Statement continued in the next post, Mission Statement – Science. There, I talked about Quick Facts and other science-related posts I’ll be doing.

In the third part, Mission Statement – Writing, I focused on the future of my writing. This is probably the most important part of my blog. Not only about my writing, but I also talked about worldbuilding, something I have a passion for.

A brief break in the mission statement, on my way home one night this week, I saw another foreigner. What we did was a bit awkward. Find out what in Foreigners Behaving Strangely in Japan.

In the conclusion to my Mission Statement, I talked about what drives me, as well as a few other things that go on behind the scenes and elsewhere. Check that out in Mission Statement – Passions and Beliefs.

Next up, I had a question for all the readers out there. I need a bit of help. I still need help. In fact, I have only received one question. This is for Authors Answer. Please go to What Would You Like to Ask Authors? and ask your question. We will answer it in a future Authors Answer.

This is becoming a regular weekly thing now. More Instagram photos and another vote for you. If you haven’t done so yet, please go to Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 26 and vote for your favourites.

I have a question I’d like more input on. What Happens at a Writer’s Group? Please go to that post and let me know if you’re a member of a writer’s group.

Coinciding with the new Star Wars movie, this week’s Authors Answer asks about hated characters, characters who are definitely on the dark side. Share your opinions with us at Authors Answer 59 – Characters of the Dark Side.

And of course, a post that’s more related to Star Wars, I asked a simple question: Dark or Light? So, which is it? Which are you?

And finally, a look at the past. It’s only 101 days until we move to Canada, and I have a lot of thoughts about my time in Japan. Find out what I was surprised about in 101 Days to Canada – A Retrospective on Japan.


I’m making steady progress on the two books I’m reading, though not as fast as I’d like. The Dragon Reborn is up to 74% finished now, while Keepers of Water is at 20%. Hoping to finish the former before the end of the month.


I made very little progress in any language, though I did a couple quick bursts in French. No changes in level on Duolingo, though.


We’ve been working on preparing to send some things to Canada. Surprisingly, I can fit a lot of books in a relatively small box. It’s lighter than I expected. I don’t think I’ll be able to send them all to Canada, but I can get a good portion of them there. I wonder how many of my Japanese textbooks I can send. I’ll see.

And that’s all for this week. Next week is interesting because of Christmas. Authors Answer will be on Christmas Day. I should have an interesting post about Christmas, too. I may be making a video. And I really need to get my Japan videos up.

So, how was your week? Do anything exciting?

Week in Review – December 12, 2015

This week seems to have generated a lot of discussion in the comments. Pretty active there. So, what exactly was everyone reading? Maybe you missed something? Check out this week’s posts. And yes, I know it says December 12, but this was posted at exactly midnight.

This week’s posts

We started off with a post that had plenty of comments. We talked about this question: What Would Your Youthful Library Record Say About You?

Following that was one of the most wonderful things I’ve seen all year in the world of cinema: The New Batman v Superman Trailer. I am so excited about this movie!

And then another hot topic, 99 Cent or Free eBooks? I Won’t. Join in the discussion there.

I have a YouTube channel. And at the moment, I’m focusing on Japan there. However, since I’m moving to Canada next year with my family, it’ll have to adapt. Find out what will happen in The Future of My YouTube Channel.

I made a confession about something. Maybe it’s a bit unusual, but there’s something I want to learn to do with my daughter to help me bond with her more. Find out what in Things I’d Like to Try, But Never Thought I’d Want To.

It seems this is a week of posts about the future. This time, I discussed another blog of mine that I intend to restart. Check out Resurrecting a Blog.

As you may know, I have an interest in languages. Although I’m mainly studying popular languages, there’s a group that deserves a lot of attention, and that is Endangered Languages.

I had an unusual thought one day, and it grew into a new recipe. We discussed about some Strange Food Ideas we’ve had. Do you have any? Share them!

I’ve been getting my photo posts in pretty regularly recently. So, here is this week’s: Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 25. Please take a look and vote. It needs more votes!

A comment in last week’s Authors Answer led to this post: Book Business Cards and Cheat Sheets. Sounds pretty helpful if you keep having to describe your book to people.

I was able to get through my second language test drive this week. This time, it was for the constructed language, Esperanto. Take a look at Test Driving Languages – Esperanto.

Our regular weekly author feature keeps going. It’s now up to 58 questions! Find out what we had to say in Authors Answer 58 – Author Online Hangouts.

And a short time later, I posted the regular monthly feature about commenters. Lots of changes this month in Commentition Delicious December 2015. Find out who was in the top six, and visit their blogs.

And finally, more thoughts about the future, specifically this blog. Find out what’s going on in Tinkering and Geekery. I’m such a geek.


I’ve made some progress on a couple books this week. The Dragon Reborn is now at 65%, and I should be able to finish it within the next couple weeks. The other is the eBook, Keepers of Water, which I’m now at 12% finished. I don’t think this one will take long.


I’ve gotten very close to leveling up in French. Nearly to level 9. Just a little bit to go. The other languages I haven’t been studying at all, other than my test drive of Esperanto. That’s at level 2 now.

So that’s it for this week. I should be working on a couple book reviews soon, and maybe I’ll do another language test drive in the coming week. Look for those!


Week in Review – December 5, 2015

A very successful November finished and a new month started. So, what did you miss?

This week’s posts

I started the week off with another TV related question: Would You Ever Be on a Reality Show? I got some interesting answers. You can join in the discussion still.

As an English teacher, I hear a lot of mistakes made during lessons. Here are some Common Mistakes I Hear While Teaching English. A couple of them I am told are actually used in the UK, or they may not be used in the UK. I got conflicting messages from a couple of English people.

With only Four Months Until Canada, I talked about what I was anticipating, especially food I want to eat. There are so many things I want!

I’m a big Star Trek fan, and I saw something that brought back a lot of memories of books I got at Star Trek conventions. Check out the Star Trek Ship Diagrams.

As November ended and December began, I posted my usual month end summary. Take a look at Month in Review – November 2015. Some great stats last month!

On the topic of books, Goodreads had their own book awards recently, and the results are out. Some interesting books in there. Take a look at the Goodreads Choice Awards Winners.

I love worldbuilding, and creating a mythology is a wonderful thing to do for a fantasy world. But what about science fiction? Check out Mythology in Science Fiction. Not much discussion generated, but you’re very welcome to contribute.

Sometimes I waste too much time. I have one thing to thank. Well, two things to thank, YouTube, and this: Wasting Time – Smartphone Games. What do you play?

One of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while was from a rocket launched recently. Ever Seen a Rocket Stage Separation? Not Like This! Prepare to be impressed.

Another round of Instagram photos, and there are some interesting ones this week. If you haven’t already done so, please go and vote for your favourites: Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 24.

You know, I’m seriously considering starting a blog about science, the earth, and the environment, all because of things like this: The War Against Trees and Phytoplankton. Any opinions?

Sometimes, authors hate answering the same question over and over again. Well, our authors shared with us which question they hate the answer in Authors Answer 57 – Stop Asking Me That Question!

And finally, some new images to share with you from Pluto. But it’s in video form. Be prepared to be impressed yet again! Highest Resolution Ever Images from Pluto. You’ll be glad you checked it out.


I finished a book! I finished reading The Book of Deacon, and started another. The new one is another eBook, and it’s called Keepers of Water, by R. G. Porter. It’s a fantasy novel involving a fantasy race coming into our world. I’ve now read 5% of it. The Dragon Reborn is now at 58%, and I should finish it this month.

Language Learning

I haven’t advanced in level in any language, but I am getting very close to doing so in French. Not much else to report there.

And that’s it for this week. I should get a couple book reviews up over the next week or two, and I’ll definitely go up a level in French. I’m hoping to test drive another language soon, too. Look for that in the coming week!

Week in Review – November 28, 2015

It’s been the week of languages. I got started with my test drives. This is definitely going to be interesting as I go through the languages, and I’m looking forward to getting to Russian. Let’s take a look at the week.

This week’s posts

I started the week off with comics. I asked my readers Do You Read Comics? I got plenty of good responses.

Just four months until we move to Canada, and it had me thinking about something. Check it out: From Japan to Canada – Changing My License. It’s not so difficult, but a little traveling is required.

Moving on from comics, I talked about cartoons. We had a big discussion on Childhood Cartoons. I loved Saturday morning! Join the discussion.

Cartoons were great, but the evening had some good shows, too. We talked about Sitcoms of the 70s and 80s, and found out what we watched. There were some great ones!

Got a moment? Help me out by voting for your favourite photos! See Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 23. I’d love your opinions.

Maybe this is a little premature, but I think we already have 2015’s Biggest Science Story. See what I think, and share your opinion.

More votes, please! I want to find out what you think I should read. Which Fantasy Series Should I Try? I’d like more votes.

I then moved on to some politics. The Republican side of politics in the US is a mess. It’s insane. So, Please Explain Donald Trump and Ben Carson. At least they’re both becoming less popular.

Finally, it has begun! Earlier in the week, I posted Duolingo Language Test Drive to Begin. Well, it has already begun. But check out the order I’m doing the languages.

A quick look at palaeontology, it turns out Dimetrodon Is Canadian! It’s not a dinosaur, though. It’s more closely related to mammals.

Authors Answer 56 – Our Other Creative Endeavours talks about how creative we are and whether we do other kinds of art. We’re an artistic bunch! Check it out.

And so it really did begin. I gave my first language a try in Test Driving Languages – Irish. Wow, difficult!

More Shannara! The TV series is coming in the new year, and this time, MTV has given us a look at the opening title sequence. Check out The Shannara Chronicles Opening Sequence.


I’ve only read one book this week, and that’s The Dragon Reborn. I’m now nearly half way finished! At 44%.

Language Learning

French is still at level 8, but should go up soon.I made it to level 6 in Spanish, and German is also unchanged. The biggest change is Irish reaching level 2.

Thanks for reading this week. The next week, includes the beginning of December, and probably a book review. I’ve already started writing it, so I should finish quickly.

Week in Review – November 21, 2015

What a week it’s been.  It started off with a low point in Paris, but a lot of my posts have actually been about writing and books. And a review! Finally, a review.

This week’s posts

The first post was a big one. I was Disgusted: Paris and More. Think about more than just what happened at Paris, but also many other places.

After that, I lightened the mood a bit. There’s a Canadian Sumo Wrestler in Japan! He goes by the name Homarenishiki. Check out his videos.

On Monday morning, I had A Few Minutes to Spare and Relax. I got some reading done in a beautiful park. With pictures!

Later on in the day, I started a discussion: Is Investing Your Time in Novel Series Worth It? Lots of comments. You can still join the discussion.

Did you know that there are Star Wars Soft Drinks? Well, I still haven’t tried them. I might soon, and take a video.

I love it When Reading Pushes Me to Write. I’m currently reading a book that is really inspiring me. On the other hand, the previous book sucked the creativity out of me.

Finally! A Book Review – The Neutronium Alchemist by Peter F. Hamilton. Great book, though incredibly long. Check out the review!

MTV released some videos on YouTube, showing The Shannara Chronicles Character Introductions. This has me even more excited to see the TV series. However, Allanon looks nothing like I expected. What do you think?

I’ve been feeling like Getting Back on Track with a lot of things on this blog. Check out what I’m going to work on.

There’s a New Post Editor! My initial thoughts of the new editor for WordPress, which looks better, but still many things missing. I’m still using the old editor.

The regularly scheduled Authors Answer continues with Authors Answer 55 – Our Characters on Screen. We discussed who we think should act in TV or movie versions of our books.

But then I saw H. Anthe Davis’ Big Thorough Author’s Answer on her own blog. Here on I Read Encyclopedias for Fun, her answer was shorter, but go see her blog for her much longer answer.

And finally, I found an article on Space.com with some Great Space and Science Fiction Books. These are the ones I want to read. Take a look at the full list on Space.com.


As I’ve written already this week, I feel inspired. More of a feeling, but I really do want to write. I just need peace and quiet to do so, which is something in very short supply. I just need to wait until April, and I’ll have that peace and quiet!


It’s going really well. I’m already 33% of the way through The Dragon Reborn. I should finish it next month and have a review done. I’m also at 82% on The Book of Deacon. Slowly progressing, but I don’t read eBooks very often. I should finish it in December, as well.

Language Learning

No change in levels on Duolingo, but I am progressing. I should be leveling up in Spanish soon. I think it’s time to do that test driving of other languages.

Thanks for reading this week. The next week should have another review, and hopefully some Japan videos. The end of the month will be approaching, and the numbers for this month are looking good.

Week in Review – November 14, 2015

It’s time to catch up on the past week. It’s been a busy week blogging, as well as language studying. Let’s check out what’s happened.

This week’s posts.

The first post of the week is for the birds. Actually, I enjoyed Hitting the Birdwatching Jackpot. Lots of egrets and a heron. Check out the pictures.

I managed to capture the exact moment I had 10,000 comments on this blog in Comment Milestone! Lucky! Take a look at the screencap.

I had a moment of silliness when I did this post, Kungfu Santa: The Movie. I’m sorry. It was just silly of me. But would you watch the movie?

On to reading. I started reading a new book recently, and I had to share The Excitement of Starting a New Book. I just really enjoy starting books, going on a new adventure. How about you?

Next up, I posted the next group of Instagram photos for you to vote on in Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 22. Unfortunately only three people voted. So, please go and vote! Usually, I get far more votes than that.

As you know, we’re moving to Canada. And I decided to talk about what I missed from Canada in 140 Days Until Canada. Are they normal things to miss?

Buzzfeed posted a list of things that supposedly annoy Canadians. I decided to respond to it with my feelings about each point. So, find out: Do These Things Really Annoy Canadians?

Do we really need early Christmas decorations? Have things gone too far? When should we start to say Merry Christmas?

My favourite YouTube channel posted a video about Canada! Woohoo! I really recommend watching it and learn a thing or two about Canada. Check out Canada by Geography Now.

On the science front, I posted a Facebook post containing a wonderful picture of an airplane with vortices coming off its propellers. Take a look at the Incredible Photo of Condensation Vortices from NASA.

This week had the 12th day of the month, which means Commentition time! Take a look and see who won Commentition Nefarious November 2015.

Thinking a bit about my future novels, I came to the realisation that I may have an Accidental Genre Change. Well, maybe it won’t be a big shift, but it was interesting to have that revelation.

The 54th Authors Answer question was one based on Friday the 13th. And what an interesting topic it was. There were some great answers. Very entertaining edition. You have got to read Authors Answer 54 – Torturing Our Characters.

And finally, on the language studying front, I had an interesting idea to gauge my interest in all of the languages available on Duolingo. I’m going to try Test Driving Languages. What will my first impressions be?


Nothing much to update here, but I’m getting an itch to do some critiquing and store up the points for when I have the time to focus on my writing and have it critiqued. I also have something to do with a friend I plan to help out.


I’m making good progress on The Dragon Reborn. Finished about 17%. I’m also slowly going through The Book of Deacon, which is now at 79%. Hopefully, I can finish that one soon. And reviews are coming!

Language Learning

Apart from the post above about test driving languages, I did go up a level in German. Now at level 4. French is still at level 8 and Spanish at level 5. I started trying out Esperanto, though. I also installed the Russian and Ukrainian keyboards on my computer in preparation to type Cyrillic.

Thanks for reading! What’s been your highlight of the week? Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks in Paris have had me thinking about a lot of things, and a post is coming soon about it. Keep your eye on this blog for that. And look forward to another week of blogging!