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A New Year in Japan – A Fried Japanese Dinner

Almost everything was fried for dinner. The drinks were not. This is what we ate:


It’s tempura and gyoza. They were all homemade. Gyoza is also known as potstickers or dumplings. Tempura is lightly coated vegetables and seafood that’s deep fried. I enjoyed the onions and maitake mushrooms the most. There was also crab, but I don’t like crab. To be honest, it looks so weird, I just don’t want to eat it. Actually, I’ve tried before and just didn’t like it.

Tomorrow, we return home. But maybe something exciting will happen? I have no idea!


Merry Christmas from Japan

It’s already December 26th, but it’s still Christmas for everyone in North America, and especially my family. I’ve already posted about my Christmas, and what I described pretty much went as planned.

My daughter got her present in the morning, then I took her to a Christmas party at her daycare/nursery. I then recorded a video at a big park and former site of Oba Castle. And I picked up my daughter, where she got a present from three Santas. That’s right, three. We had a kind of Christmas lunch with roast chicken and pizza, and later had roast beef and salad. But the one thing I wanted to share with you in this post is the video. So, please enjoy!

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments section below. Merry Christmas!

Authors Answer 60 – Merry Christmas from All of Us

For the first time, Authors Answer falls on Christmas Day. So, we have a very special and simple message for all of you from all of us. We’re sharing a bit of what we’re doing for Christmas with you.

I’d also like to mention that this will be Caren Rich’s final Authors Answer. I want to thank her for her participation. It’s greatly appreciated, and I enjoyed her answers very much. Thank you, Caren, and good luck!

2002_Blue_Room_Christmas_treeQuestion 60 – What are your plans for Christmas Day?

D. T. Nova

To spend time with my family, and probably stay off the internet almost entirely.

Gregory S. Close

In a word: pie.

Paul B. Spence

I plan to spend the winter holiday with my family and friends, as one should.

Caren Rich

We are very traditional when it comes to Christmas. The kids pull us out of bed before the sun comes up and open gifts. While they are knee deep in wrapping paper, I make breakfast and my in-laws come over. Afterwards, we try out our new toys and get ready to go to my in-laws for lunch. We spend most of the day there with aunts, uncles, and cousins. When we can barely stand the site of anymore food we go home. My parents usually drop by during the afternoon or early evening. We spent Christmas Eve with them. We make it a point of not going out to stores on Christmas Day. I would prefer if everything was closed on Christmas Day.

Allen Tiffany

Family and food.

H. Anthe Davis

Lounging around the house, doing family things, I suppose?  Sometimes I get called in to the Day Job to work an hour or two, if we’re expecting a big rush of returns — I work at a library, so even though it’s closed, two of us will go in for a couple hours and empty the bins so our drive-up bookdrops don’t overflow.  Otherwise just chillin’.  I’d like to say I’ll get some writing in, but I know myself well to not promise anything.

Eric Wood

Our morning will likely start around 6 am to open presents. We’ll have some Grand’s cinnamon buns while we open as a quick breakfast. Once everything is opened we’ll have a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. Then we’ll be busy playing with our new gifts from Santa. Later, we’ll go to Nanny house for Turkey supper. Other than that, we’ll just be enjoying the day with each other.

Elizabeth Rhodes

Possibly sleeping.  During holidays I tend to work overnight shifts at my job and the actual holiday is a time for me to re-adjust my sleep cycle to work the early morning shift the day after.  I’ll also be spending it with my parents and brothers at their house, and exchanging gifts.

S. R. Carrillo

I wanted to be home this Christmas, but there’s so much going on at work that I’ll be surprised if I can manage it. Hopefully, I will be spending the day with my husband before he deploys, if he hasn’t already.

Jean Davis

For Christmas Day, I will be venturing forth (baring utterly nasty weather) to my uncles house. He has been terribly ill the past couple years and has finally recovered to the point of wanting to have visitors. I’m looking forward to seeing him and connecting with the rest of that side of the family again.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

My plans are the same as they are every year, which is basically food and presents with family. 🙂 The past few years (since my daughter’s been around) my parents have made it their tradition to come visit us on Christmas Eve, so we’ll have a nice dinner and maybe watch some Christmas specials and what-not. On Christmas morning I’ll get up early and make breakfast, which my daughter will likely miss because she stays up half the night and then passes the hell out the other half. If she doesn’t wake up on her own we’ll wake her ourselves and then it’ll be presents, presents, presents while the turkey slow-cooks in the kitchen. Perfect day, if you ask me. ^_^ Merry Christmas everyone!

Jay Dee Archer

This is our last Christmas in Japan, and is therefore not a traditional Christmas. In fact, this is probably one of my more unusual Christmases. In past years, I’d gone back to Canada for the holidays and enjoyed opening presents in the morning and having traditional Christmas dinner. This will likely happen next year. But this year, it’s a bit unusual.

In the morning, we’ll get up, and my daughter will open her present. My wife goes to work, and I will take my daughter to her daycare for their Christmas party. However, I’m not invited. No parents allowed! I’ll spend the one hour and forty minutes going for a walk or reading a book. The weather is supposed to be nice, in the mid-teens. So un-Christmas-like weather. Then I’ll pick her up, go home, and once my wife is home, we’ll have chicken and roast beef for lunch. And that is our Christmas.

How about you?

You may or may not be reading this on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, since I expect most people to be spending time with their families. However, I’d like to know about your Christmas. How did you spend it? Let us know in the comments!

Merry Christmas everyone!

My “Traditional” Japanese Christmas Dinner

Japan doesn’t have a long Christmas tradition, as it’s a more recent trend here.  It’s also mainly done to sell more things and make more money.  It’s entirely commercial.  It’s also a time for couples to go on dates and exchange gifts.  It’s typically not a family holiday, but parents will sometimes give their children gifts.  Also, it’s very difficult to find turkey here, so we have to make do with other things.

And that brings me to my Christmas dinner today.  This is the “traditional” Christmas dinner.  Just take a look.




That’s right, Kentucky Fried Chicken!  We had some regular KFC chicken, boneless chicken, French fries (no gravy in Japan), salad, and a “Christmas cake.”  It was actually a chocolate cake.  To many Japanese people, Christmas means cake.  They’re often very surprised to find out that cake isn’t a big tradition where I’m from.  Sure, people get fruitcake, but it’s often not really enthusiastically accepted.  I don’t have a picture, but they also dress up the Colonel Sanders statues outside the restaurants like Santa Claus.

I guess for many of you, Christmas is just getting started, while it’s coming to an end here.  Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your day.