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Dinosaur Song

Sometimes, the funniest little thing can be a source of inspiration. Let me tell you what happened on Friday around 6 pm.

It was a hot day on Friday, and I’d promised my daughter to take her to the park, because she really wanted to go. So we waited until 6 pm, when it wasn’t so hot. She kept bugging me about it all afternoon, and eventually forgot about it. Then at 6, I told her we’re going to the park, and we’ll be blowing bubbles. So, off we went.

At the park, we blew bubbles, she chased bubbles, and she played on the swings a lot.  She also got to meet a very friendly dog that kept trying to lick her face. We were there for quite some time. I think nearly an hour. It was getting darker out, as the sun had set, and I was about to suggest that we go back home. Usually, this results in her crying and arguing. But things were different this time. I didn’t even have to suggest going back. You see, something interesting happened.

My daughter heard a sound down the hill, back toward our home. She told me it was “Dinosaur no Uta.” That’s “Dinosaur Song” in English. I wondered what it was. She has quite the vivid imagination. So, I suggested we go down and find this dinosaur who’s singing.

As we went down the hill, I asked my daughter if it was a big or small dinosaur. She told me it was small. As we approached the intersection at the bottom of the hill, she told me she could hear the dinosaur song again. At the intersection, I guessed it was probably the cars. She made a sound like a growl, telling me that was the dinosaur song. It made sense it would be a car.

She saw a man jogging across the street and pointed, saying, “Dinosaur!” She then pointed to a car, and said, “Dinosaur!” She pointed out all the cars, saying that they were all dinosaurs. As we crossed the street, she told me to be careful because of the dinosaurs. We soon arrived home, and she was very happy about her time at the park. A successful outing.

The “Dinosaur Song” she created made me realise just how imaginative and creative she is. It’s inspired me, actually. I want to write about the “Dinosaur Song” now. Maybe a children’s short story, since it was inspired by her, and I’d like to write it for her.

Velociraptor Pareidolia

Pareidolia, a term that’s used to refer to the phenomenon which causes us to see or hear patterns when there really is none.  It’s the Jesus on toast.  It’s the Virgin Mary in your tree.  It’s your demonic phrases in music that’s played in reverse.  Does it really mean anything?  Absolutely not.  However, our brains are always trying to find something recognizable in random patterns.

So, I bring to you the dinosaur that I discovered, Asphalt Paint Velociraptor!  All hail Velociraptor!

If you can’t see it, the head is on the left, the tail is on the right, and the legs are below. You can also see an arm on the left.

A dinosaur museum near my hometown? Great!

Near my hometown of Beaverlodge in Alberta, Canada, there’s going to be a new dinosaur museum opening in July.  Pipestone Creek has been the location of numerous Pachyrhinosaurus discoveries near Grande Prairie, Alberta.  It’s finally getting its own museum!

The museum will be called the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, named after the famous palaeontologist, Philip Currie.  Currie helped found the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, which is one of the hottest dinosaur fossil regions in the world.  The Royal Tyrrell Museum is one of my favourite museums, and it has the best dinosaur fossil collection I’ve ever seen.

Oh yeah, Philip Currie just received a lifetime achievement award from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.  Great honour for a great scientist!