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Discussion: Book Doesn’t Meet Expectations

I’ve been thinking about how people often hear about books before they read them. They usually have an impression of what the book may be like before reading. However, sometimes they surprise us.

What books have you read that were totally different than you expected? Let’s talk about it in the comments section. My answer will be in the comments.

Blogging Versus Writing Books

I blog. I write books. I haven’t finished a book. I don’t think I know what finishing a blog is like. Finishing a blog post, yes. But a blog? I don’t think they really have a conclusion.

There are differences, but there are some similarities. Of course, the biggest differences are that blogs tend to be informal, lack editors, don’t require any publishers, and can be updated at any time. Books are more permanent, are sold through vendors, have a story, and actually have a conclusion.

But there are similarities, too. They can both be non-fiction or fiction. They can both have pictures. They both allow writers to express themselves. And they can both make you money.

These are just some similarities and differences. There are many. And sometimes they complement each other. You can use a blog to sell books. You can publish excerpts on your blog. You can advertise your blog or website in your books, which can allow readers to see what else you write.

How do you think writing books and blogging are different or similar? Let’s talk about it in the comments (on this blog about books)!

Authors Answer 58 – Author Online Hangouts

In the past, long before the internet, it was difficult to interact with authors. They could be contacted by mail, and maybe you could see them at an event, but it was not easy to seek them out otherwise. These days, the internet has provided both authors and readers a way to communicate easily. Some authors are very involved with the public, others are not. So, where can you find us online?

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 58 – What are some online forums or websites you use to have discussions with other authors?

D. T. Nova

Honestly, the most interaction I have with other authors is probably actually in the comment sections for authors’ blogs.

Aside from that, I spend some time on Goodreads’s forums.

Gregory S. Close

Although it’s as much with readers as authors, I find the r/fantasy community of Reddit the best outlet for all things fantasy.  Good discussion.  Honest (mostly polite) disagreement.  Great interactions.  Otherwise, I interact with a few of my author friends and acquaintances on Facebook or by email.

Paul B. Spence

I don’t.

Caren Rich

I use Critique Circle- that a good place to get basic critiques of a story. I am also a member of several FaceBook author groups. The most useful ones are Clean Indie Authors and Indie Authors. You have to be careful with Facebook groups some of them are just out to promote what they write and aren’t good for troubleshooting. I’m also a member of Sisters in Crime, a mystery writers group. I highly recommend them. You have to pay to be a member but it is worth it. They offer classes every month that well worth the money.

Allen Tiffany

CritiqueCircle is where I spend 97% of my time online ref my writing. In addition to cycling stories through, I’m active on the boards there and enjoy the discussions. Other than that, there are a few blogs I’ll post to – this being one of them.

H. Anthe Davis

I’m kind of reclusive, alas — I know I should reach out more, but I’d rather stay in my little writing-cave, ignoring the world.  That said, I hang out a bit on the Fantasy Faction forums, though not frequently; I tend to go months between actual posts.

Eric Wood

As of right now the only site I use to converse with other authors is WordPress where I blog.

Elizabeth Rhodes

Year-round I use CritiqueCircle.  Even though I only frequent a few of the threads there are enough familiar faces to make me feel comfortable opening up.  Around November I go to National Novel Writing Month’s site, but I don’t know people there as well.  For a while I used to go to the writing forums on Gaia Online, and it was a good place to talk about writing once you found where the regulars stayed.  But it was difficult for me to keep up with three places at once and I haven’t been as active there.

S. R. Carrillo

Honestly? The blog and, sometimes, YouTube. I need to find some, I suppose. I didn’t know that was a thing.

Jean Davis

The website I use most to connect with other writers is Critique Circle.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

The biggest one for me is the NaNoWriMo website/forums. There are tons of awesome people on there. You can talk to people from one side of the planet to the other, or you can hunt down people who live right down the road from you pretty damn easily. Plus there are tons of resources (there’s an entire forum dedicated just to helping each other answer weird questions that you need for plot reasons), and lots of fun stuff to keep you busy when you need a few moments to procrastinate. Not to mention, in recent years lots of big companies have gotten into supporting NaNoWriMo, so you’ll find all kinds of software developers offering trials of their writing programs, companies offering big discounts on things like editing and cover design, and lots and lots of writers sharing info on who is accepting submissions right now or which website is having a big contest at the moment. It’s got a little bit of everything, and all of it is helpful. 🙂

Jay Dee Archer

You’ll find me online in several places, though I haven’t always been very active in some of them. Of course, you’ll find me on WordPress, including this blog and a few others I frequent. Outside of blogging, I’m regularly on Critique Circle, though I could be more active there. Once I get back to writing and posting Journey to Ariadne, I’ll be active there again. I’m also around on Goodreads sometimes. I’ve been meaning to take advantage of Reddit’s fantasy and science fiction groups. And I’m also on Youtube.

How about you?

If you’re an author, where do you spend time online talking with other authors and readers? If you’re not an author, where do you like to talk to authors?

Ask the Readers – Do You Hate a Book?

Last month, I asked for you to ask some questions that we can ask the readers. Here is the third question, although a little late. Again, it’s from Solveig. First, I’ll answer the question, then it’s your turn.

Is there a book you hate? Why?

I don’t think I’ve ever hated a book. I’ve been lucky to never have read one that I couldn’t finish. There are some I felt somewhat indifferent to, but nothing I hated. So, I personally can’t answer this question.

How about you?

Maybe some readers have an answer to this question. What’s a book you hated and why? I’m interested in seeing the answers, if there are any hated books. I’m sure there are some, but I think people usually avoid reading books that don’t seem interesting. So, it’s your turn! Leave your answer in the comments below.

Ask the Readers – Your Favourite Book

A couple weeks ago, I asked for you to ask some questions that we can ask the readers. It’s time for the second question! Again, it’s from Solveig. First, I’ll answer the question, then it’s your turn.

Is there a book you really love?

This is a very difficult question for me, because there are too many. But I think there’s one that has stood out in the past couple of years. That would be Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. It’s all about the colonisation of Mars and the beginnings of terraforming. It’s a fascinating look at this process that is very heavy on the science. It’s perfect for me. But it may not be perfect for others. Since I studied astronomy and physics in university, I like this type of hard science fiction.

How about you?

Now it’s your turn. Is there a book you really love? Let us know in the comments below, and maybe you can discover some new books. And of course, don’t be afraid to engage in a conversation with other commenters! Finally, please share this post with others.

Ask the Readers – First Memory of Reading

A few days ago, I posted a request for you, the reader, to ask some questions. It seems most of the questions are about books. Since this blog does focus on books, reading, and writing, it is kind of appropriate. So, I will be asking and answer the first question now. But before I do, if you have any questions about any topic, please go to the original post linked to above and ask your questions.

The first question was asked by Solveig. Actually, she asked several, so consider this the Solveig phase of Ask the Readers. I will answer the question myself, then it’s your turn. Since this is for the readers, this is for you to answer!

What is your first memory of reading?

What a difficult question to answer. I don’t clearly remember, but there are several instances of reading that I remember in my very young age.

In Kindergarten, I remember Curious George, but the teacher mostly read it to us, even though I had no trouble reading at that age. Other early reading memories are of books about dinosaurs. I was crazy about them, and I still like them.

While I don’t remember this, my mom says that I used to use magnetic letters to spell out words on the blackboard we had in our first house. I was about four years old, and I was spelling and reading by myself without being taught how. It’s not a book, but it is reading.

How about you?

Now it’s your turn. What’s your first memory of reading? Leave your answer in the comments below. Let’s have a great conversation!

Let’s Have Fun Discussions: Ask the Readers

I feel as if we have a nice little community here now, and we often see many of the same people in the comments. I’d like to begin a regular Ask the Readers feature where I pose a question, answer it, then hand it over to all of you to answer in the comments.  Maybe we can have some lively discussions. Some will be fun, some serious, some silly, some controversial.

The topics could be anything from writing, blogging, world events, food, science, books, parenting, politics, religion (yes, I’m going there), history, and more. Really, the sky’s the limit.  But I’m not going to be the one asking the questions. You are.

So, in the comments below, please ask your questions. But please don’t answer the questions below, only ask them. Once I start getting questions in, I’m going to post them once a week. So, let’s have fun!

Discussion: Brand Loyalty War

With the Star Wars trailer out, and my comment about how I’m a Star Trek fan, I thought I’d ask you a series of questions. Where do your loyalties lie? Leave your answers in the comments.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Coke or Pepsi?

Mac or Windows PC?

iPhone or Android?

Dog or cat?

Scrambled or sunny side up?

Bacon or ham?

Coffee or tea?

Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?

Butter or margarine?

Book first or movie first?

I look forward to your answers. Let the debate begin.