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Disney Titles in Japanese

Sometimes literal translations don’t work well in other cultures.  You often get changes because the original English title doesn’t translate well or doesn’t make much sense.  Here’s a sample of shows from Disney Junior and some Disney movies.

Handy Manny

In Japanese, it’s おたすけマニー.  That’s Otasuke Manny. That translates as Helper Manny.

Special Agent Oso

In Japanese, it’s きんきゅうしゅつどう隊 OSO. That’s Kinkyuushutsudotai OSO. This translates as Emergency Dispatch Corps OSO.


In Japanese, it’s クマのプーさん. That’s Kuma no Puusan. This translates as Pooh the Bear.  Interesting how his name is now Pooh, rather than Winnie-the-Pooh.

Doc McStuffins

In Japanese, it’s ドックはおもちゃドクター. That’s Doc wa Omocha Doctaa. This translates as Doc is a Toy Doctor.

Gaspard and Lisa

In Japanese, it’s リサとガスパール. That’s Lisa to Gaspard. This is confusing me, because all they did was reverse the names. Now it’s Lisa and Gaspard.

Sofia the First

In Japanese, it’s ちいさなプリンセス ソフィア. That’s Chiisana Purinsesu Sofia. That translates as Little Princess Sofia.

Little Einsteins

This is such a minor change.  In Japanese, it’s basically just Little Einstein.

101 Dalmatians: The Series

In Japanese, this is 101匹わんちゃん. That’s Hyakuippiki Wanchan. That translates as 101 Puppies.


Finally, we have last year’s Disney movie that was incredibly popular here in Japan.  The Japanese title was アナと雪の女王. This is Ana to Yuki no Jou.  That translates as Anna and the Snow Queen.

My daughter loves the song Ready Go from Frozen, sung by Adele Dazeem…

See what I did there?


Questioning the Intelligence of Today’s Children’s Shows

My daughter watches a lot of Disney Junior.  When I was her age, I didn’t have the abundance of kids shows she does today.  Back then, and in the 80s, the educational shows I watched were Sesame Street, Mr. Dressup, and Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

Looking back, I have to compare today’s educational shows with what I watched.  Sesame Street dealt with death.  Mister Roger’s Neighborhood dealt with disabilities.  All of those shows handled acceptance and taught kids how to treat others with respect.  They didn’t dumb things down or talk down to kids.  They treated the issues honestly and with a very straightforward message and a lot of kindness.

What about today’s shows?  Well, there are some things that irk me about the shows my daughter watches.  I’ll take a look at a couple of mild cases, then the biggest problem show.

I’ll start off with the big show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  That’s right, I’m going after Mickey!  I grew up loving the Mickey Mouse cartoons.  I look at this show and see totally different personalities.  I understand that this show is for education and not entertainment, but it seems like they’ve stripped them of their personalities.  Mickey Mouse now needs help to decide how to do things. Before, he was able to think for himself.  Donald was always easy to anger. Now it’s like he’s been put on some kind of medication that controls his temper, yet puts him into mild depression from time to time.  Pete was Mickey’s arch-nemesis.  Now he’s just a mischievous character that does no more than try to get Mickey and friends to pay for things they shouldn’t have to pay for.

Second is Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  I’ll put this simply, Captain Hook is now so immature and childish, he no longer has the impact he had in Peter Pan.  He’s a grown man who acts far more childish than Jake and his friends.  Right.  And Jake isn’t a pirate.  A pirate steals things.  The title is a lie.

So, here’s the big one.  Special Agent Oso.  This guy is a special agent who helps kids do some rather mundane everyday tasks.  He can operate a car, train, and airplane.  Yet he needs help to fold a piece of paper.  How the hell can he drive when he can’t even fold a stupid piece of paper in half without instructions!  He is a moron! An absolute idiot!  How could he ever have been hired as a special agent?

Not everything is bad.  I like Handy Manny.  He doesn’t dumb things down for kids. He tells things like they are.  And the show is actually educational! It shows kids how to fix things!  However, they speak strangely, saying the occasional word in Spanish, then the same word in English.  No one talks like that.  Other than that, it’s a solid show.

Do you agree or disagree?  Are today’s kids shows dumbed down too much?

Children’s TV Doesn’t Always Make Sense

I’m used to reading novels written for adults, or at least young adults.  But mostly adults. They’re very complex and eventually make sense.  However, have you ever watched children’s TV as an adult?  There are so many things that make absolutely no sense.

Peter Pan was fine, but ever watch Disney Junior’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates? It’s a group of three child pirates led by Jake.  They do things like skateboarding, baseball, and other modern recreational activities, things that people in Neverland shouldn’t actually know anything about.  Not only that, Jake and his friends shouldn’t even be called pirates.  They do no pirating! They go on adventures trying to find treasure or help people.  They never hijack a ship and steal its cargo.  Also, Captain Hook has a crew of three.  That’s all.  Three.  Smee and a pair that sings.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is another one.  Everyone sings.  They never sang in the cartoons.  Donald is too friendly.I know it’s a show where children are supposed to watch and tell them what to do, but the way it comes across, they sound like idiots.  Also, having watched the Japanese version, Goofy has an awful voice.  I prefer his English voice.

Little Einsteins is a show that has child geniuses solving a mission while in their rocket.  This has nothing to do with science.  Einstein was a scientist.  These kids are musical prodigies.  What does that have to do with Einstein?  It should be Little Mozarts or something.

This doesn’t mean all shows are bad.  I like Handy Manny.  He seems to be speaking to kids in a more grown-up way.  He seems intelligent.  The only odd thing is that he occasionally says a word in Spanish, then the word in English.  No one talks that way.

Have you watched children’s shows as an adult and wondered what the writers were thinking?