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I Can’t Eat!

I have doctor’s orders not to eat. It’s not because I’m sick or anything. I have my annual health checkup tomorrow morning.

In Japan, we’re often required to get a medical checkup every year for our job. It’s a pretty easy process. Basically, I can’t eat anything after 9 pm the night before the checkup. I can only drink water. At the checkup, I first have to pee in a cup for a urine test. That’ll check for things like blood sugar level. Then they take a chest x-ray. After that, there’s height, weight, and measuring the waist. Then it’s on to blood pressure, hearing test, and checking eyesight. Finally, it’s a very brief talk with the doctor about any existing conditions, and listening to the heart and lungs.

If I was 35 or 40 and over, I’d also have to have an ECG and blood test.

If all goes well, I’ll be done quickly, but I can’t guarantee that. I’ll be glad when it’s done.