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A Week of Sadness and Happiness

Tonight, I think I’ll just let the videos speak for me. We had a very up and down week with my daughter’s first day of school and having to go through the loss of a pet.

First, my daughter’s first day of school.

And now for something not so happy. This is all about my sister’s dog and his last day.

We’re going to miss him. Comments are welcome.

Week in Review – September 4, 2016

Crazy week. Happy week, sad week. Very up and down. More about that coming later in the next couple days. Let’s look at the past week.


A little reading was done, but I’ve been so busy. Redemption Ark is now at 65%.


None at all.


Plenty of videos. 9 to be exact. It’s 7 on my main channel and 2 on my vlog channel. Got more in the next few hours going up.


Nothing. Major revamp coming!


A studied a little French. However, Greek is now available, and I’m excited to try it out.

The Blog

I talked a little about my sister’s dog. Everyone is feeling pretty down at the moment. On the bright side, Authors Answer has three new contributors! Check out last week’s entry.



The Next Week’s Goals

I have a big video coming tomorrow. It’s all about my sister’s dog. Also, I need to get the Authors Answer index done up. I may do another Star Trek Project review, as well. Hope it’s a better week than last week, because last week sucked.

How was your week?


Goodbye, Old Friend

Not a happy day for us.

Sixteen and a half years old, Romeo left us today. I’m feeling quite down while my daughter says, “Are you sad? Do you miss Romeo? It’ll be okay. I love you.” Then she gives me a big hug. My four year old is stronger? But I’m not sure if she understands how final this is. 

I’ll be making a couple videos this weekend. One about Romeo and one about Tommy’s first day of school. Look for them when they’re done. 

It’s Hard to See a Pet Grow Old

My sister’s dog is 16 years old. I watch him sleeping most of the time, and when he is awake, he needs to eat, pee, or poop. He doesn’t really play much anymore, though he does at times. Sometimes he acts like a puppy. But most of the time, he groans and cries as he tries to lie down and sleep. He wears a cone right now because he keeps licking a growth (it’s actually an oil gland) and making it bleed. He’s partly blind and mostly deaf. He has trouble going down the stairs, but seems to have no trouble going up quickly. He can still run and be active, so he’s physically reasonably healthy for his age.

But we wonder how long he’ll last. It’s hard to think about it. But it makes me think about three and a half years ago when our dog, Biscuit, died. You can read about it here.

What are your experiences with losing a pet? Let me know in the comments below.

A Dirty Situation

This dog gave us a lot of trouble today.

His name is Romeo. He’s my sister’s dog, and he’s sixteen years old. He’s getting on in age, quite deaf, and has bad eyesight. But he’s still quite healthy. Today, he created a very, very dirty situation. Just a warning that this story may become graphic.

Romeo was outside doing his thing not so long ago. When he came in, we noticed he had a huge piece of poop stuck to the underside of his tail. We immediately put him back outside, and I went to get some paper towels. I followed him outside, but he ran away from me. I think he knew what I was about to do. I wiped off as much poop as I could, but there was still a lot stuck to his backside.

I brought him in and took him upstairs to the bathtub. I sprayed his ass with the shower and chunks of poop came off. But he was fighting. He was very hard to control, and I couldn’t get him to stand still. I was wearing gloves, so I tried grabbing pieces of poop off his butt, but it wasn’t easy. He tucked his tail between his legs, so I couldn’t get easy access to the poop. I needed three hands! So, I enlisted the service of my wife.

My wife came in and held his collar while I pulled up his tail and scrubbed his butt and sprayed off the poop. However, he splashed poopy water into my eyes, and I had to go wash them out. Both my wife and I were wet. I finally got the poop out of his butt, dried him off, and got him out of the bathroom.

My wife and I had wet shirts, the gloves ended up getting wet inside, and I had poopy water in my eyes. Lovely.

He needs a haircut so this doesn’t happen again.

Not My Typical Thursday

Plans change.  We were originally supposed to go to Kamakura, see some temples and shrines, and have lunch at Kua’Aina, a Hawaiian hamburger restaurant.  It’s for my birthday.  However, the weather isn’t very good, so we were going to postpone it until next week.

Plans change.  We got a call from my wife’s father a couple nights ago, and now we’re going up to my wife’s hometown where we’ll see her family’s dog.  She’s old, and it seems she’s close to being on her last legs.  But we’ll be treated to lunch at Big Boy.

It’s more than an hour away by train, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to read.  I won’t be bringing any books, but I’ll read on my phone.  I may get a lot of Blood Skies finished today.

Keep checking back here today, because I may be posting a few updates about the day.  With pictures!