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End of World Conspiracy Theories Just Don’t Stop

I don’t like drawing attention to these kinds of things, but I just wanted to say a few words about this. Take a look at this video. You don’t have to watch all of it, just a bit to get an idea about what this is.

So, they say a “confirmed” 2.5 mile wide comet will hit the Earth between September 15th and 28th this year. Who confirms this? Not anyone I know of. I don’t believe it’s confirmed by anyone. In other words, this is complete male bovine excrement. A big cow patty. Manure. Looking at the description of this video, I see advertisements for the video maker’s book and other things about repenting to Jesus, etc.

On one hand, we have someone who’s trying to scare people into believing this pile of garbage. She (Renee sounds like a woman’s name) wants to encourage all the gullible people to buy her book. It’s all about money. Sounds like a typical evangelist, doesn’t it? “Hey, my loyal followers and those who are scared of death, repent to God and Jesus, and buy my book while you’re at it. It’ll save you from Hell when the world goes kaboom in September!”

On the other hand, this could be someone who has deep connections in world governments and astronomical societies who keep everything secret, because we all know astronomers don’t share their discoveries.  Nah, that can’t be, because astronomers love to share their discoveries. This so called “confirmed” comet would have been announced so long ago and confirmed by many amateur and professional astronomers, that it would be impossible to keep this a secret. With it being so close, a comet like this would likely be easily seen with a telescope if you knew where to find it. It would’ve been shared all over the internet. But guess what? It hasn’t. Therefore, it doesn’t exist.

The world is ending in September? No. Don’t believe this garbage. If you do, you are incredibly gullible.


It’s the End of the World!

My daughter is three years old. This is what it’s like to have a three year old child.

Me: Time for bed.

Her: No, I don’t want to.

End of the world.

And then she’s thirsty.

Her: Juice!

Me: We don’t have any.

Her: Juice!

Me: There’s no juice.

Her: Juice!

Me: There. Is. No. Juice.

End of the world.

And then she’s not hungry anymore.

Her (holding a bowl of banana): I don’t want it.

Me: Are you sure?

Her: Sure.

Me: You want me to eat it?

Her: Daddy eat.

Me: Okay.

I eat it while she watches.

Five minutes later…

Her: Daddy ate my banana!

End of the world.

And that happens every day. The world has ended more than one thousand times, I think.