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What Having a Sick Child Does to My Writing

Today, my daughter’s nursery called me while I was at work.  They also called my wife.  She had a fever.  It’s now late evening, and she still has a fever.

Back in late April, she had her worst fever.  39.8 degrees.  She had a febrile seizure that night.  Two taxi rides and an ambulance ride (it’s a long story), a three hour wait in the emergency room, a spinal tap, a chest X-ray, and a CT scan later, we discovered it was pneumonia.  She stayed in the hospital for a week.  Well, I got no writing done that week other than blog posts related to her condition.

But now, she has a fever and is crying.  She won’t sleep.  I can’t concentrate on writing.  I’m not sure how well I’ll sleep, either.  I have to go to work in the morning.

On the other hand, she often does sleep when she has a fever.  I get more quiet times and more time to write.  When she’s awake, she’s usually active, but sometimes irritable.  Not much I can do during those times except try to entertain her.

It’s after 11 pm, and she needs to sleep.  She’s crying in her bed.  She won’t stay in our bed.  She tried getting out of our bed to come and see me.  It’s too late for her to be up, so I put her in her bed.  While she cries, I write this.  But her crying is becoming less.  Maybe she’ll sleep.  Or maybe I’ll hear another wave of crying.  She does that sometimes, crying on and off.

No writing tonight, except for this blog post.  I need to go to bed soon, anyway.

She’s quiet now.  Oh.  Sorry.  She just cried a little.  But I think she’ll fall asleep soon.  I hope.

Are you a parent of young children?  How do you balance your time between writing and your children’s demands for attention?