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WordPress Now Difficult to Use With Firefox

Firefox has been increasingly difficult for me to use in the past few months. I am constantly getting errors saying Firefox cannot run scripts. So, today, as I’m trying to look at my WordPress stats, I got this:


Unresponsive script. It’s not only made the script unresponsive, but made Firefox unresponsive.

I’ve now switched to Chrome, which I’m using to post this.

Anyone else have issues with Firefox? Let me know in the comments below.

Time Consuming Computer Problems

Not sure if I’ve fixed anything yet, but so far, I haven’t had problems running Firefox for the past 15 minutes.

Starting this morning, I noticed that Firefox kept hanging.  It repeatedly stopped responding, and I had to force it to close.  I got home tonight, and the same thing happened.  I ran a virus scan, nothing.  I ran a tune-up program and found 229 registry errors.  I fixed that, but still the same.  It still stopped responding.  I upgraded Firefox to the latest version.  Same thing.  I restarted Windows.  Still no change.  Finally, I went into control panel and fiddled with the settings in power options, changing the hard disk power down to 60 minutes.  That seems to have solved the problem…I hope.