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Naming Fictional Technology

A few hours ago, I was going over in my mind the plot of Part 5 of Journey to Ariadne.  As I was thinking, I ran into a little roadblock.  I couldn’t get past it, as I kept thinking about this.  I was trying to think of a good name for a future technology.

Looking back at science fiction of the past, we often have things named transporters, teleporters, warp engines, hyperspace, subspace, communicators, and so on.  I don’t want to repeat those names.

I already have a name for the propulsion system for the ships in Journey to Ariadne.  It even has a slang term for how it’s used.  The system is based on current hypotheses about faster-than-light space travel, although I’m doing a bit of a twist on it.  In Journey to Ariadne, they haven’t quite made FTL speeds yet.  However, the principles are the same.

The thing I was thinking about earlier was a communications system.  It can’t be a simple communicator.  We’ve gone beyond that in the 21st century already.  We have smart phones, which are compact computers that just happen to have phone capabilities.  They are in fact small personal computers with an incredible number of functions.  I need something similar, but advanced enough that they’re much more than what we have now.  I have a design in mind (I may even draw it), but I don’t have a name.  An acronym sounds reasonable, but I have no idea what it could be yet.  Well, I’ll have to brainstorm a lot.

If you write sci-fi, how do you name your futuristic technologies?

Wanderers – an Impressive Short Film

This short film, made by Erik Wernquist and narrated by Carl Sagan, has been going around the internet recently.  Wanderers shows what life in the solar system could be like in the future.  Haven’t seen it?  Well, watch it right here.  It’s best if you watch it full screen and in HD.

This is what I’d love to see in the future.  It feels like it’s too far in the future, though.  I would love to do these things.  Can you imagine flying like a bird in Titan’s atmosphere?  Or cliff jumping off Miranda’s huge cliff?  That just seems amazing.

I wish we could encourage the world’s governments and space companies to push for a future like this.  I know, many people will say we need to fix the problems on Earth first.  Unfortunately, I don’t think these problems will ever go away.  There will always be corruption.  But trying to improve our technology and aiming for the solar system will have a trickle-down effect.  I think we would be a lot farther ahead if it weren’t for politics.

So what do you think?  If we could have a future like this, what do you want to do?