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Yahoo, I’m Getting Tired of This

Well, I think it’s time to change to Gmail. Yahoo was being especially difficult today. I was searching for several emails, and it became very clear that Yahoo Mail wasn’t cooperating. It was coming up with absolutely no search results for anything. This was just the last straw.

Back in 2004, someone invited me to Gmail, and I started using it. I used it until sometime in 2006, but never really got into it. And I don’t know why. I guess my Yahoo address was far more established, and I had no problems with it then. I eventually completely lost my Gmail address. But I liked how Gmail was set up.

Well, no more. I’m setting up a Gmail address and will start transitioning over to using that for all of my important accounts and business. Yahoo will continue to be used for subscriptions and accounts where I don’t really need to see the emails. I’ll also use it as a backup.

So, hello Gmail!

Authors Answer 81 – Google Search Visibility

Google, the most important search engine on the entire internet, and authors want to be on it. They want to be the first search item listed when their name is searched. The number one link should be an author’s website or blog. But sometimes, names aren’t exclusive to the author. They’re not always unique. Sometimes they’re surprising.

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 81 – Have you ever Googled your name? What did you find that surprised you?

Jean Davis

There are a lot of people named Jean Davis, and many of them have obituaries. At least I show up on page one as my author self. Yay for Google.

H. Anthe Davis

Going by my real name, I can’t find myself at all — there are too many of me.  Going by my pen name (which is just an adaptation of my real name), I only find my works and the blogs I’ve posted on, because it’s unique enough to not show up elsewhere.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

A while back I Googled my name and was quite surprised to see that pretty much the entire first page of results were of various pages on my blog. Today I Googled it again, out of curiosity, and I was pretty surprised to see that the ENTIRE first page of results is all me (assuming that you use my full name – Tracey Lynn Tobin). The top results were the blog and my Goodreads Author account, followed by a few pictures of me (and one of the kid and hubby), followed by the Nowhere to Hide Amazon page, my Facebook Author page, my bio on Self Publishers Showcase, a review of Nowhere to Hide on that same site, spotlights I did on two fellow bloggers’ sites, and finally my YouTube channel. Pretty amusing!

Sidenote: very recently one of my coworkers was Googling the camp where we stay when we’re at work to show his wife what it looks like, and as he was scrolling down on Google Images a picture of me came up. It was my blog’s user image, and it got linked there because of a post I’d done on the camp a few years back. It gave me a good chuckle! XD

S. R. Carrillo

I have! Mostly, to make sure my “platform” was solid enough. The most surprising thing I found were random men named Sr Carrillo somewhere overseas. Not really all that shocking, but, for the most part, searches of me lead back to me. ^_^

Paul B. Spence

I have. I didn’t find anything that surprised me. Lots of links to the various books I’ve written, fiction and non-fiction. Shrug. Was I supposed to be surprised?

D. T. Nova

I searched for my name when trying to decide whether or not to write under a pseudonym.

My real last name is mispronounced or misspelled often enough that I’ve always assumed it was rare, so I was surprised that there was anyone else with the same full name as me at all.

Allen Tiffany

Funny question. Yes. I have. It used to be that a lot of pictures of young women would come up (“Tiffany Allen”). Some of the young ladies were wearing only their birthday suits. More recently, my blog has been showing up at the top of the page as my page rank has been creeping up.

Eric Wood

I did. It turns out I’m a 6’3″, 310 pound right offensive guard for the Buffalo Bills. And all this time I thought I was only 5’6″, 145 pounds and a teacher.

Elizabeth Rhodes

I found some others with my name, but thankfully none of them are exceptionally famous. Unfortunately some of them are also writers and have books listed on Goodreads, and thanks to listing errors they get lumped on to my profile sometimes. Makes me look more prolific than I really am.

Gregory S. Close

Yes, I Google my name to check on reviews and copyright stuff at least once/month.  Not much to see there.  What surprises me most is how many pirated copies of my book are online at various sites, and then also how many overpriced paperbacks are available from one source or another.  One site had it going for 5 times it’s listed value, for no discernible reason.

Linda G. Hill

The first time I googled my name I discovered a lawyer, an author (that wasn’t me) and a porn star. That was before I had my blog. Now when I google myself, mostly I come up with my blog. I have to wonder if google gives me that result first since I spend so much time on it. If anyone out reading this (who doesn’t spend a lot of time on my blog) would google me and let me know in the comments what you find, that would be awesome. 😀 I’ll be glad to reciprocate!

Jay Dee Archer

These days, the entire first page of my Google search is me! First is my official website, then my Twitter profile. Then it’s YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a few random things. Funny thing is the Google image search. There’s someone there that isn’t me! Some research led to something interesting. There is a guy out there with the same name as me from the US that has been convicted several times. Wonderful.

How about you?

When you do a Google search on your name, what does it come up with? Is it you? Anything surprising? Let us know in the comments below.

Authors Answer 68 – Authors Research the Strangest Things

Authors appear to be very intelligent, don’t they? Well, a lot of the knowledge they’ve gained for writing is through research. And there are some bizarre topics that they’ve researched. I’m sure you’d be surprised, amused, or horrified if you went through an author’s Google search history. But don’t worry, it’s all for the book!

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 68 – What are some of the most unusual things you’ve researched for your writing?

Allen Tiffany

Whether or not a dual star system can have a planet orbiting one of the stars. There seems to be one line of thinking that it can be done if the planet’s orbit is at a 90 degree angle to the plane on which the two stars orbit each other. I also saw an article that said it was not possible, and tried to explain why with mathematical equations. I gave up trying to understand it, and I went with the first article because it fit my story.  🙂

H. Anthe Davis

Oh I’ve researched LOTS of stuff.  The most interesting to me was eye enucleation, but some recent ones include properties of silk armor, pre-modern heating and cooling, farming techniques, volcanic hazards, photosynthesizing sea-slugs, bee vision, unusual riding animals, fungus crafts, scar mobility exercises, eyeliner tattoos, and alpine survival.  All relevant to the story/world, even the sea-slugs!

Jean Davis

As with most writers, my search history can be quite disturbing depending on what project I’m working on. I’ve can’t think of anything too far out there, but I’ve definitely hunted down a lot of details on dead bodies and everything between the best horse breed to pull a gypsy wagon and various methods of space travel.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

Ooh…I have to think about that. I’ve seen some pretty insane research topics pop up during NaNoWriMo, that’s for sure, but those weren’t usually mine. Actually, come to think about it, I don’t do a whole lot of researching because I write more fantastic stuff, the kind of stuff you can mostly just make up from scratch. I did once research how far a human can walk in a single day because I was worried that I was being ridiculous in my estimations of time passing during a long journey. I’ve looked up information on guns because I didn’t want to sound like I had no idea what I was talking about. Ooh…here’s a good one…while I was writing my zombie novel, “Nowhere to Hide”, I took to Google to find out if it was feasible for a 130-ish-lb girl to use a sword to hack right through another human’s neck. That one probably got me on a few government watch lists.

Paul B. Spence

Oh, my. Where to begin…? The fact that it takes longer than anyone wants to think about to explosively decompress? The effects of nuclear radiation on human tissues? Serial killers? Ancient Sanskrit? Penis length of great cats? I mean, who doesn’t want to know that? Right? The list goes on.

S. R. Carrillo

The only one I can think of off the top of my head would be the different kinds of acid and which one is used in pool cleaning. Like most writers, however, I research the wildest of things in pursuit of my craft. I’m sure there are much more heinous things out there I’ve Googled that I simply cannot recall. ^_^

Elizabeth Rhodes

My research into the Black Death turned up some strange things. I specifically looked into plague infections in animals, human superstitions surrounding the plague, and previous attempts to treat it. The topic may not be as strange as some of the others mentioned in this post, but the results sure were.

Linda G. Hill

Hahaha! I often say that if anyone peeked at my search terms on Google, they’d wonder a) what kind of disease I have, b) how am I hiding all those addictions, or c) what kind of psychopath I am. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m on some sort of international watch list for the criminally insane.

Gregory S. Close

I spent an inordinate amount of time determining whether or not some characters were eating pottage or porridge at an inn.  (It ended up being porridge, for those who want to know).

I also really enjoyed researching insults – it’s pretty cool to see how different terms have evolved into insults and to recreate that in my world-building.  The key elements of insults: they are almost always derived out of religion or bodily functions, and often the conjunction of the two!

Eric Wood

Thanks to the inspiration from a fellow blogger, every Friday I do a post where I answer questions my two kids have asked throughout the week.Therefore, I have had to look up everything from baby crows to the coldest temperatures on earth. I’ve looked up what blind people see and earthquakes. It’s great fun!

D. T. Nova

Geographic distribution of eye colors.

Whether or not you can “draw” a weapon or tool that isn’t in a sheath or holdster, or if there was another word for it.

Multiple instances of “I need a name that means X” result in spending a lot of time on baby name websites…and the fact that I’ve also researched pregnancy might give anyone spying on my search history a very wrong idea.

Which reminds me: the effects of certain drugs.

Jay Dee Archer

I’ve had a few interesting searches. For my Ariadne series, I’ve researched wind directions depending on latitude, the effects of an electromagnetic pulse on electronic systems, climate zones, injuries caused by a chisel, mineral hardness, and information about male and female plants. For my future Solar System series, I’ve researched Holst’s The Planets.

Future topics will be the psychological effects of rape, PTSD, government types, urban planning, and genetically modified plants and animals.

How about you?

What are some of the strangest things you’ve researched for writing? I wonder who has the strangest topic. Leave your answer in the comments below.

How Did You Find Me?

You found me somehow. I know I found some of you. But how did you find me?

Judging from my referrers, the most common way people read my blog is through WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, other blogs, HarsH ReaLiTy, Critique Circle, Goodreads, Duolingo, Google search, other blogs, and more.

So, how did you find my blog? I’m really interested in seeing how most people find my blog. Let me know in the comments below.

Dark or Light?

Google has recently been offering you the ability to choose between the Light and Dark side of the Force. A couple weeks ago, you could go to Google and search “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” and you’d see something pretty special.

Now, you can choose between Light and Dark Side. I haven’t actually tried it out yet, but that’s not the point of this post. I have a simple question for you:

Which would you choose, the Light or Dark side of the Force? Why?

Ingress, the Augmented Reality RPG

I’ve always enjoyed role-playing games.  When I was a kid and teenager, I’d play them on Sega Game Gear and traditional paper and dice.  When I was in university, I played on a MUD.  When I was single in Japan, I played an MMORPG.  But now, we have a totally new kind of RPG, augmented reality.

These days, I don’t have time to play games that involve a lot of time and effort to play.  When I discovered Ingress, I thought that the concept was quite interesting.  There are two factions, the Enlightened and the Resistance.  The Enlightened are fighting to support the aliens who want to help us go further in our evolution.  The Resistance believe they just want to control our minds.  There are portals everywhere.  Portals are usually landmarks, public art, and so on.  There are more around densely populated areas or busy areas, and not so many in less busy areas.  Where I live, there aren’t many portals, but we can submit locations to open new ones.  Anyway, you want to make sure portals are on your side so you can link them together and create a kind of coverage area that collects Mind Units.  These Mind Units are what are used to keep score.  Here’s a screenshot of my area with a single Enlightened portal.


The circled arrow is my position, while the portal is toward the top.  As you can see, there are streets marked out.  This game was created by Google, and they obviously use a kind of overlay with Google Maps.  All the roads are already there, so the map is already made for the game.  This game is played worldwide

I’m only level 1, but I’ll be getting up to level 2 very soon.  I’m not sure how long I’ll play this, but I’ll see.  I have a lot of work to do.  I joined the Enlightened, and there’s one portal nearby.  However, there are several Resistance portals in my area, and they completely cover the Shonandai station area.  I guess I’ll have to try create some local portals.  I also need to advance in levels to have any hope of switching over any existing portals.  We’ll see how it goes.

Anyone else play it?

Hilarious Google Search – Ray Comfort Bacon Number

Do you know who Ray Comfort is?  He’s a young Earth creationist who has teamed up with Kirk Cameron on many occasions to promote their version of Creationism.  Their knowledge of science is rather funny, as they get a lot of things wrong.

Well, I was playing around with Google’s Bacon number search, and decided to put in a few random people.  Well, Ray Comfort came up with a Bacon number of 3.  It’s actually quite easy to have a Bacon number of 3.  It seems a lot of actors and other people who have appeared on film or TV have a Bacon number of only 2, meaning they appeared with someone who has appeared with Kevin Bacon.  At first, I checked Kirk Cameron’s Bacon number, and I found it was a 2.  So, knowing that he’s been on TV with Ray Comfort many times, he’d probably have a number of 3.  Google confirmed it.  However, it didn’t link him to Kevin Bacon through Kirk Cameron.  The actual results were hilarious.  I captured this image from Google.

raycomfortbaconnumberWhat’s that?  Who is Ray Comfort connected to?  It can’t be.  I know Ray Comfort was born after Hitler died, but they did appear in something called 180. It’s a documentary that Ray Comfort created where he actually compares abortions with the Holocaust.  This is how he’s connected to Adolf Hitler.  But if you didn’t know this, the results above look quite funny.  Anyway, if you need proof, here’s the Google search.

Anyway, if my life were a movie, I would have a Bacon number of 3.  I’ve met James Doohan, who’s connected to Kevin Bacon through Kirstie Alley.  I’ve also met Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis, both of whom are connected to Kevin Bacon through Wil Wheaton, my favourite celebrity geek.  We could all aspire to be like Wil.

And that is how a blog post about Bacon numbers becomes all about Wil Wheaton.