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More Effective Language Study

As a language teacher, I know how people can study more effectively. However, sometimes teachers don’t take their own advice. Well, I’m going to take my own advice, as well as that of others.

On Duolingo, I’ve tended to keep doing new lessons. Well, unfortunately, that means I keep forgetting the old lessons. For each new lesson, I’m going to use the Strengthen Skills feature twice. That will allow me to review what I’ve already done and keep the words fresh in my mind. And repetition like that will help me remember more quickly.

I’m also going to start keeping notebooks. I’ll write down new vocabulary, verb conjugations, and more. I’ll practice by writing sentences, as well.

I’m also going to start using Memrise, which I haven’t really explored much, but I have been told it’s great for vocabulary. It even has Japanese, which would be nice to use.

Another thing is to try reading websites in the languages I study. However, I’m at such a low level at the moment that it wouldn’t be very practical. I’ll leave that until later.

Do you have any language learning strategies that work for you?