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The Martian: Self-published to Book and Movie Deal

Andy Weir’s The Martian is one of those success stories that indie authors love to hear about, or rather, would love to happen to them.

You see, Andy Weir started out by posting chapters of The Martian on his blog for anyone to read for free.  He then decided to sell it for $0.99 on Amazon. Then things got crazy. It was so popular that it got picked up by a traditional publisher, and then within a week, he had a movie deal. And now that the movie’s coming out, it appears that critics are saying this may be one of the best movies of the year.


Read about the whole story here. What I wrote above is just a highly condensed version. And here’s the movie trailer.

This should give hope to a lot of indie authors who want to make it big. It can happen. But they have to be realistic. This kind of thing is extremely rare. I would love for something like this to happen to me, of course. I think any indie author would love it.

As for the book (and the movie), the things I hear about it is that the science used in the story is what sets it apart from many other science fiction novels. It uses real science. I love that kind of science fiction. It’s one reason I loved Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars.

Any indie authors out there hoping for Andy Weir-like success?

Blog Spotlight – The War of Memory Project

The next blog I want to talk about is another big commenter on here. She’s been in the top commenters many times, and she has quite the blog, too. She does lot of worldbuilding, which is something I love.  So, this week, it’s H. Anthe Davis’ The War of Memory Project.

warofmemoryThe first thing you see is that it’s colourful. A nicely done banner image, as well as an attractive background. I like how it looks. Very easy to navigate, too. The menu is straightforward, and you can tell that this blog is all about her fantasy series.

The menu includes About, Glossary, The Characters, The Maps, The Stories, and The World. Taking a quick look at the About page, it talks about the project, some contact information, legal information, and some resources she uses.

The Glossary goes through a lot of terms that you would be unfamiliar with, hence the need for a glossary. It’s all about various things that are in her books. Useful resource if you ever forget something. A lot of fantasy authors do this in their books. This one is available online.

If you click on The Characters, it takes you to the main characters of the books. There are also menu options for Minor Characters and The Gods and Spirits. What I love about this is that the main characters are actually illustrated! And there are useful charts for the Gods and Spirits, as well.

The Maps takes you to a series of maps that are used for the settings in the books. You can also see The Ancient World from the menu, as well as Utility Maps.  I find all of these fascinating, but the Utility Maps show things like climate zones, languages, and so on. It’s a great look into worldbuilding. There are a lot of maps, if you love that kind of thing.

Under The Stories, you can see pages for each of the three currently published books, along with cover art and links to purchase the eBook or print book. Her most recently published book is The Living Throne. But of course, you’d want to start out with the first book,  The Light of Kerrindryr. The final page gives you a very detailed Series Timeline, which is another useful resource.

The World is for those of you who love worldbuilding. It gives an overview of the world, as well as Magic, The Histories, and The Races. There’s a lot to read here. It’s great to read if you want to know how she developed her world.

There’s a lot to see here, and since I’m a big worldbuilding geek, I enjoy going through it and taking it all in. And of course, I love the maps!

Personal message to H. Anthe Davis

Thank you always for being a great supporter of mine, and for your work in Authors Answer. You always have something interesting to say. I feel that with both of us doing worldbuilding, we could have a lot to talk about. More worldbuilding to come from me, of course!

Blog Spotlight – PERMASHIFT

This is the beginning of a new series of blog posts I will do highlighting other blogs I think you should see. First, as a thanks to my frequent commenters, I will highlight their blogs. This week, it’s S. R. Carrillo’s blog, PERMASHIFT.

permashiftWhen you first visit her blog, you’ll see this colourful view. It shows a list of her blog posts in summary form, and you can click to read what you like. It’s easy to navigate, and fairly simple.

The menu bar shows a search function, Home, About, My Writing, and Support Indie Authors. Looking at her About page, you can see a good, to the point bio about herself (in first person, which is what I like), a photo, and various social media you can follow her on.

Under My Writing, you can see The Soul series, as well as works in progress. She has a couple books published, so check them out.

The next one intrigues me. It’s Support Indie Authors. If you’re an indie author, she accepts review requests. You can also see author interviews, news on new releases, and more. Great resource if you’re an indie author.

So, what does she blog about? Looking at the categories, she reviews books, movies, games, etc. She also talks about her life, including Army life. She talks about her books. She talks about writing in general, as well.

I recommend going on over to her blog and looking around. There should be something that interests you. And did I mention she has a YouTube channel? Subscribe!

Personal message to Sierra

You’ve been a wonderful supporter of my blog, dedicated commenter, and one of the original Authors Answer members. I’d like to thank you very, very much for all of your support.