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Random Facts About Me

I thought I’d do one of these again. Some really random facts, hopefully some pretty obscure that few people know.  I’ll try for ten of them.

  1. I was attacked in Tokyo by a nationalist. He was probably drunk, too. But all he did was tap me with his knee and shout at me to get out of Japan. He just tapped me. Weird.
  2. I once held a boa constrictor on my shoulders, behind my neck. It was a big one. Very interesting feeling.
  3. I’ve eaten jellyfish. I didn’t like it.
  4. I once killed a spider in a bathroom only to wake up the next morning to thousands of baby spiders on the walls and floor of the bathroom.
  5. In university, I had the phone number 727-2277. Best number I’ve ever had.
  6. I’ve dislocated both of my little toes in exactly the same way, but 17 years apart.
  7. I played hockey for four years, yet didn’t score a single goal. I had a fear of being in the spotlight, so I always passed the puck. I had plenty of assists, though.
  8. Although I studied computer science in high school, I didn’t learn anything new. I knew it all before.
  9. The first earthquake I ever felt was the 6.8 magnitude 2001 Nisqually Earthquake when I was living in Victoria. I was on the 11th floor, so I felt a lot of shaking.
  10. My family name is Archer, and as you may expect, I have used a bow and arrow. However, I’ve only tried about four times. I’d like to try more.

And there are ten facts about me. Any random facts about you? Let me know in the comments below.