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Facebook Booktubers Group Is Now Live!

I’ve started the Booktubers Facebook group! It’s a closed group for now, so you need to request to join. To join, you should be one of the following:

  1. A Booktuber
  2. Someone interested in becoming a Booktuber
  3. A book lover who loves to watch Booktube videos

It’s a place where we can share our videos, talk about making videos (tips and tricks), and talk about books! Self-promotion is welcome and encouraged. The whole purpose is to share our videos, channels, and discuss books.

Here’s the video I made announcing the group on YouTube.

So, who’s interested in joining? Come and have some fun with us!


Authors Answer Looking for New Member

We have had our first retirement from Authors Answer today. I want to thank Amy Morris-Jones for her participation and lots of great answers.

What this means is that now we have an opening.  Just one opening. If you’re interested, please go to the About page and send me an email through the form there. I’d like to say that the first person to send me an email will be the new member, but I’ll make this a competition. So, if you’re really interested, tell me briefly why you want to join Authors Answers in your email. Also mention what you write, published or unpublished. But you only have about 24 hours, 36 at most. I’ll make the decision in about 36 hours and contact the winner.

If you are the successful applicant, I will ask you to write a brief bio and send you June’s questions. If you can get them answered soon, you will be included in the June Authors Answer.

So, is this something you’d like to do? Then let me know!