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Join My Adventures in Japan

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on this, but I’ve finally resumed working on A Taste of Japan. It’s a video series that I started last year, and then intended on doing for every place that I went with my sister when she visited us in Japan. However, I only did six videos, got to a video that turned out to have many parts to be edited together, and stopped.

Well, that intimidating video has been done. It wasn’t actually difficult to do! I enjoyed editing the video! I posted it on my main channel, and here it is:

I absolutely love Enoshima. It’s a place I’ve been to a few times, though most of the time, I stayed on the mainland. Although it’s a bit long, I encourage you to watch it. There are a lot of interesting things to see there, as well as many beautiful views. I’ll be doing a new video in this series every week. Next week is Enoshima Aquarium.

Let me know what you thought in the comments section below.

A New Year in Japan – Taking the Romance Car Home

Our final leg home was a ride in a fast limited express train. It was the Romance Car again!


It was the same kind of train as we took at the beginning of our trip. Here’s my daughter posing in front of it.


Looking back while on the train, we could see Shinjuku.


Here’s a bridge crossing the Tama River into Kawasaki.


We say goodbye to the Romance Car.


And so, that’s all for our New Year in Japan. I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. If you missed any of the trip, just look back at the last few posts that started on January 1st.

A New Year in Japan – On the Train

The rest of our New Year is with the in-laws. What came next was a train ride. And this is the train we took.


A closer look. It’s a Romance Car. It’s an express train with reserved seats with Odakyu.


On the train, we got a view of Mt. Fuji.


At Shinjuku, we changed trains to the Saikyo Line.


On the train, my daughter fell asleep sitting up.


And in Saitama, we could see Mt. Fuji again. But it’s a bit farther away.


Coming up next is lunch!

Life in Japan: My Travels

I came to Japan to see it all. Did I? No, not at all.  But there are some things I am very happy to have seen.  This week’s question is from S. R. Carrillo. She asked many questions, didn’t she?

Where all have you traveled?

Odawara Castle in the rain with a couple cosplayers in front.
Odawara Castle in the rain with a couple cosplayers in front.

Surprisingly, I haven’t traveled very much in Japan. I live in Kanagawa, which is just south of Tokyo. I’ve also been to Tokyo, of course. The other prefectures I’ve been to are Saitama, Chiba, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka.

In Kanagawa, I’ve lived in Yokohama, Kamakura, and now Fujisawa. I’ve also visited Odawara, Yokosuka, Kawasaki, Sagamihara, Isehara, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Zushi, Hayama, Miura, Oiso, and Yamato. I think the highlights are Kamakura (many temples and shrines), Odawara (castle pictured above), Fujisawa (with Enoshima), and Yokohama (technically the largest city in Japan).

In Tokyo, I’ve been mainly around the main city area, but I’ve also been to Machida and Hachioji (Mt. Takao).

In Saitama, I’ve been to Saitama, Warabi, Tokorozawa (for a baseball game), and Kawagoe (a city with many old buildings).

In Chiba, I’ve been mainly to Narita Airport.

In Yamanashi, I’ve been to Mt. Fuji.

In Shizuoka, I’ve also been to Mt. Fuji, but also Atami and the Izu Peninsula, which is famous for resorts and hot springs.

Out of all the places, I think my favourites would have to be Kamakura, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Mt. Fuji.

If you have any questions about living in Japan, please see the original post and leave your questions in the comments.

The Winds of Typhoon Vongfong

I took a couple videos of Typhoon Vongfong last night, and tried to edit them together on YouTube.  Well, it’s still processing 8 hours later.  It seems YouTube doesn’t want to process things in a timely manner.  So, here are the two videos shown separately.

This first one was taken at 11:30 pm last night.  It was inside, since it was raining pretty heavily and the wind was very strong.

This second video was taken around 12:15 am.  The rain had stopped, but the wind was even stronger.  At one point I was nearly pushed over by it.  Sorry about the sound.  The wind whipping past the mic makes it difficult to hear much of what I said. But it gives you an idea of what the wind was like.

And that’s the end of it.  Shortly after, the weather cleared up, and it’s now a very warm, sunny morning.

Live-blogging Typhoon Vongfong – Incredible Winds

Those are some strong winds out there! I was able to get outside in the wind without getting wet. There was a gap in the rain, so I went out. The wind was strong enough to push me around a bit. I took a video, but it’s taking its time being processed by YouTube.  Another post will be made in the morning.

The storm will be over very soon. Here’s a final look at it.