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Writing anywhere anytime

Last night, I had a Blue Screen of Death on my old Sony Vaio laptop.  The system configuration is now corrupt, so I can’t recover the OS and access my old photos.  I should be able to save the pictures when I use the hard drive as an external drive.

This has had me thinking about a future computer.  My current computer is a fairly large laptop.  It’s portable, of course, but it’s a bit too large for me to take anywhere easily.  I’d like to work on my writing on a smaller, cheaper notebook computer.  In the future, I may buy a netbook sized computer for that purpose.  My wife has an iPad, which she doesn’t use.  I could use it, but I’d like an actual keyboard to type on, rather than a touch screen.  A touch screen isn’t ideal for touch typing, as you can’t feel the location of the keys.  I touch type, and would rather not look at the keyboard to type.  I could get a keyboard for it, but I’d prefer to use Windows.

It’ll be great to write anywhere I am.  It’ll increase the amount of time I can write.  I’m looking forward to it.