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My Daughter Shows Off Her Library Books!

I’m starting something new. My daughter gets to take home two books from her school’s library. So, we’re going to show her library books together! Warning: This video gets a bit silly. Wait until the end where she talks about a topic completely unrelated to books. But it’s cute. The cuteness compels you to watch.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think of her silliness? Let me know in the comments section below.

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A New Reading Order

With half of my books still on a boat somewhere on the Pacific and a good number of my books sold, I have to redo my reading order. But since I have new books, why not start with those? For these, I’m going to go by feeling (not necessarily in order of how good I think it’ll be) while alternating between fantasy and science fiction. So, here’s my new reading order:

  1. Redemption Ark, by Alastair Reynolds (in progress)
  2. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, by N. K. Jemisin
  3. The Martian, by Andy Weir
  4. Theft of Swords, by Michael J. Sullivan
  5. Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks
  6. Mistborn: The Final Empire, by Brandon Sanderson
  7. The Player of Games, by Iain M. Banks
  8. The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss
  9. Use of Weapons, by Iain M. Banks
  10. The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson

Okay, so the last book in this list is one of the highest rated fantasy books on Goodreads. Maybe I just want to save the best for last? After that book, I’m not sure what I’ll read. I’ll have to see what I have when the rest of my books arrive, and go from there. I have to rebuild my library!

What do you think of the order I chose?

What Would Your Youthful Library Record Say About You?

Over at newauthoronline, Kevin Morris posted about his childhood library record as a reaction to this article posted on The Guardian’s website. Well, I have something to say, too.

While the other responses are mainly about fiction, I rarely read fiction as a child. I was always interested in dinosaurs and space, so you could always find me in the non-fiction and science section of the library. The Stony Plain Public Library saw me checking out this one book in particular many times. I don’t remember the title, but it was a very impressive book about dinosaurs that contained diagrams and drawings of skeletons and skulls. I’d spend hours tracing over the bone illustrations to give a fully-fleshed picture of the dinosaurs. I wanted them to match the shape of the skull closely, so I could see what they really looked like. Of course, we now know many theropods had feathers, but back in the late eighties, we had no idea.

That is the book that stands out for me. I don’t recall what else I checked out, but they almost always involved science. This showed how much I loved science, and still do. I was a nerdy little kid, even though I didn’t have the stereotypical look.

So, what does your childhood/teenage library record look like? Leave your comments below!

Tsujido City Library

The Tsujido City Library is the Tsujido branch of the Fujisawa City Library, and is located near Tsujido Station, about 5 minutes south.

The main entrance of Tsujido Library. It’s a modern two storey building.

The library is 2 storeys tall, and has a fairly modern design.  It features several rooms, including a meeting room, multi-purpose room, one additional room, and an 80 seat hall.  The library has 190,000 volumes, according to its website. The website is in Japanese only.

The bicycle entrance of the library. The sharp corner has a sign. The library is surrounded by a lot of trees, so it’s quite attractive.

Around the library, the grounds are quite nice.  Although it’s not a park, there are many trees and plants, making it a very pleasant place.  I was unable to go inside, but if I have a chance, I will check it out.

For more library photos, check out the Library Photo Project.

Kamakura City Library – Ofuna Library

The Ofuna Library is a local branch library for the Ofuna area in the city of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.  It’s a short distance from Ofuna Station.

The three storey building is actually a local city office, but the library is inside.

The building has a conservative design, but looks pretty solid.  The main floor is the local branch office for Kamakura City Office, while the library is on the second floor.  The official page for Kamakura City Library is here.  It’s in Japanese only.

To see more libraries, check out the Library Photo Project.

Yamato City Library

Yamato City Library is the main branch for the library in Yamato, Kanagawa, Japan.  It’s about a 5 minute walk north of Yamato Station.

The building is very nondescript and conservative.

The library is 3 stories and has a very conservative design.  It doesn’t appear distinct at all, so doesn’t stand out.  The library has approximately 470,000 books, according to the official website.  There are various facilities available, including audio-visual rooms, conference rooms, a room to make videos, edit videos, a darkroom for photography, internet, children’s area, and even a couple of art galleries.

The main entrance.

I was unable to enter the library due to a lack of time, but I doubt there’s not much of interest architecturally inside.  I will check it out if I have the chance.

For more library photos, check out the Library Photo Project.

Incredible Home Libraries

I would like to share with you some amazing home libraries.  Last year, I wrote about my dream office/library, but I’ve found a website that features 37 home libraries that look great.  Some are incredible!  Take a look here, then come back here.

Finished?  Good.  So, which ones do I like?  I like many of them, but these ones stand out:

The first one looks nice and cozy.  It’s nothing really special, but I like the atmosphere.

The second one looks incredible.  I love the looks of it, and it’s very creative.  It can be a library and an office.  I believe this is a famous author’s writing studio, as I’ve seen this picture elsewhere.

I like the vertical one in the fourth picture.  It just seems to feel so open and lots of room for books.

The sixteenth picture with the bookshelves accessible from a raised platform on the wall looks interesting.  I like the looks, but I’m not sure about the comfort, though.

The eighteenth picture has bookshelves everywhere!  It’s modern, bright, and room for a huge number of books.  I really like this one.

The twenty-fifth library is huge.  Long shelves and an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows.  It feels more like a real library.

The twenty-seventh library appears rustic and comfortable.  I prefer modern, but this one just seems pleasant.

The twenty-ninth is very interesting.  It has two levels with a great shape.  The upper level is just bookshelves, while the lower level has windows all around, though bookshelves are placed in front of them.  Not sure how the sun will affect the books.

The thirty-second looks great.  It has a long, wood bookcase that curves along the wall and has comfortable-looking chairs.  It’s also pretty open and bright.  I like it.

I like the thirty-third, as well.  The shelves are all above everything, accessible by stairs.  I seem to like the libraries with high shelves.

Which do you like?  Do you have a favourite?  Leave your comments.

My dream writing studio

For a long time, I’ve wanted my own room dedicated to books and writing.  Call it a writing studio, a library, an office, whatever you like to call it.  Some guys have a man cave.  I want my writing cave.

Well, it’s not a cave, it’s a standard room, has a door and a window, as well as 4 walls, a carpeted floor, and a ceiling.  I’m not much of a decorator, but I have my wishes for how I want it to look.  And maybe my dream writing studio is pretty standard looking.

I’d like two of the walls to be lined by big bookshelves.  They should be nearly to the ceiling, with some space at the top for various things I may collect.  I’d like them to be a rich reddish colour, maybe mahogany, cherry, or walnut.  They will hold my library, all of the books that I own.  I’ll arrange them by genre and author, allowing me to easily locate a book.

The walls will be painted a darker colour.  Bright colours are nice.  I like bright colours, but I want my cave to have a warm feeling, and a rich, dark colour would be ideal.  Like a red wine colour.  That would warm me up.

Furniture would be pretty standard.  A desk for my computer, of course.  I’d likely have a couple of laptops, a bigger desktop replacement, as well as a smaller netbook sized PC for writing away from home.  While the above description sounds traditional, I want a modern desk with a sleek design.  I wouldn’t just be using the computer for writing, but I do like other things, such as games, Youtube, Internet, and I can’t forget blogging.

I have a love for maps, so one of my walls will have several maps.  They’ll include a world map, a map of Canada, and a map of Japan.  Additional maps may include those of the worlds I’m creating in my writing.

I’d also like a nice, comfortable sofa to lounge on while I read.  Not a leather or vinyl sofa, but a simple cloth sofa that I won’t stick to on a hot summer day or leap in the air from shock on a cold winter day.

Some other various items may include astronomy related pictures or globes, plastic models of planes or ships (I’m interested in making these), and family photos.

What’s your idea of your own personal dream room?