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Well-known Authors Who Blog

All this talk about whether authors should blog had me thinking, what famous authors actually maintain a blog? There are a few that I follow.

First is John Scalzi’s Whatever. He’s a science fiction author that seems to be quite active with readers.

Second is N. K. Jemisin’s Epiphany 2.0. She’s a fantasy author, and she also responds to comments.

Third is Hugh Howey’s The Wayfinder. He’s also a science fiction author, and probably the best-known for starting out self-publishing, getting a big book deal while still retaining digital rights. However, he doesn’t seem to respond to comments. He reads them, as he left an addendum on his most recent post responding to comments in general.

And I have to mention Michael J. Sullivan’s website, because he has contributed to this blog in the past, and he is wonderful at responding to his fans and comments.

How about you? Do you know any other more well-known authors who blog? Share the links in the comments below!

Recommended Book Blogs

Do you like reading book blogs? Well, this post lists a lot of them. An incredible list. It’s All About Books has created this list, and I recommend checking it out.

It's All About Books


I do not only love to read books, I also love reading about books. I’ve encountered a lot of great book blogs out there, and decided to make a big list including all the blogs I follow for easy future browsing.

So I present you with the list of the book related blogs I follow in alphabetical order(please contact me if you think one is missing! It’s a big list and it’s easy to overlook a particular name…):

>>>Last updated September 29th 2014<<<

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The Great Link Quest

I’ve started a new page dedicated to links.  I’ll be scouring the web high and low for links to sci-fi and fantasy review blogs and author websites.  It’ll be a long journey, for as long as this blog exists.  That’s a very long time.

But really, I’m hoping to provide links to any review site or blog I find interesting and useful.  If you have a review blog (for fantasy and science fiction), then please leave a comment about your blog.  Linking back is appreciated, but not required.  Also, I’ll be linking to any author I’ve reviewed or will review.  So far, I’ve done the authors I’ve reviewed.

So, please take a look!