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Remembering Your First Times

Do you remember your first day of elementary school? I don’t. Do you remember the first book you read by yourself? I don’t. Do you remember the first time you flew to another country? Well, I remember that, since it was only 11 years ago.

But some of the smaller things are difficult to remember, aren’t they? I was tagged to do the YouTube History Tag on YouTube, and I found some of the questions difficult to remember. I don’t remember which videos I watched first. I don’t remember who I subscribed to back then. I don’t remember a lot of things in my early YouTube watching days. I remember where I was, though. That’s easy. And it was on my old Sony Vaio laptop, which I actually still have. Windows is corrupt, but the data is still there.

So, here is the video:

Can you remember the first video you watched? Or how about the first channel you subscribed to? Maybe an easier question: What kind of videos did you watch when you first started watching YouTube? Let me know in the comments below.

Is It Easy to Restart Sports After Many Years?

The last time I rode a bicycle was in 2005. The last time I went swimming was in 1996. The last time I went skating was in 2011. The last time I went skiing was in 1993.

This week, I’m going swimming for the first time in twenty years. In 2010, I went skating for the first time in 17 years. I’m going to go skating later this year. But is it easy to get back into it?

When I went skating in 2010, I used rental skates in Japan, and I had a bit of a difficult time at first. My ankles weren’t as strong as they used to be. That or I was heavier than I used to be. Well, I skated for a couple hours, finding that I was getting back into it fairly easily, other than the muscle strain. A year later, I went skating again, and it was much easier. I wonder how it’ll be later this year when I teach my daughter to skate.

But this week, the pool at the local recreation centre is finally reopening after some construction/repairs. It’s been twenty years since I’ve gone swimming. I wonder how well I’ll do. When I swam, I was more interested in just having fun. But this time, I want to swim laps, as well as have fun. Thankfully, the pools are open for public swimming many hours every day of the week. I’m looking forward to it.

Have you returned to a sport after many years? How well did you do? Let me know in the comments below.

Can We Reach a Memory Limit in Our Brain?

Thinking about studying languages, I’ve wondered how many words we can actually remember. The average person these days seems to know about ten thousand words, which is apparently less than in the past. But for those of us who are studying more than one language, can we reach a limit?

There are polyglots who can speak many languages fluently. So, I have to imagine that we can remember a large number of words. And we are always developing new memories, though old ones tend to fade. Is that just new memories replacing old ones? Or just a degradation of memory due to the lack of use? But then, there are people who remember details from when they were very young that no one else can remember. And those who can remember detailed maps and navigate using that built in mental Google Maps (me!).

Well, it turns out that we know the limit. The memory capacity of the human brain is at least one petabyte, but easily more. How much is that? World of Warcraft uses 1.3 petabytes to maintain itself. It would require 2000 years to listen to 1 petabyte of mp3 files.

So, I guess we should have no problem learning several hundred languages. The only problem is time.

Poof Goes the Perfect Post

Have you ever been thinking about what to post about on your blog, only to fall asleep and continue thinking about the post in a dream? That just happened to me when I put my daughter to bed. I ended up falling asleep next to her for about an hour. Just a bit sleepy today.

As for the post, my dream made it even better. It was going to be amazing, and lots of people will love it. Then I woke up, saw the time, and realised what had just happened. I remember my daughter falling asleep, then getting ready to get out of bed and back to the living. Except I fell asleep at that moment.  But when I woke up, that’s what my memory of the post came up quickly… then disappeared. My post idea, taken away by a forgotten dream. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Never fear, I’ve got lots of ideas for blog posts, book, and more. I’m just a bit sleepy.

Ask the Readers – First Memory of Reading

A few days ago, I posted a request for you, the reader, to ask some questions. It seems most of the questions are about books. Since this blog does focus on books, reading, and writing, it is kind of appropriate. So, I will be asking and answer the first question now. But before I do, if you have any questions about any topic, please go to the original post linked to above and ask your questions.

The first question was asked by Solveig. Actually, she asked several, so consider this the Solveig phase of Ask the Readers. I will answer the question myself, then it’s your turn. Since this is for the readers, this is for you to answer!

What is your first memory of reading?

What a difficult question to answer. I don’t clearly remember, but there are several instances of reading that I remember in my very young age.

In Kindergarten, I remember Curious George, but the teacher mostly read it to us, even though I had no trouble reading at that age. Other early reading memories are of books about dinosaurs. I was crazy about them, and I still like them.

While I don’t remember this, my mom says that I used to use magnetic letters to spell out words on the blackboard we had in our first house. I was about four years old, and I was spelling and reading by myself without being taught how. It’s not a book, but it is reading.

How about you?

Now it’s your turn. What’s your first memory of reading? Leave your answer in the comments below. Let’s have a great conversation!

Do You Want to Remember?

The things you think of while doing the dishes.

So, as I was washing the dishes, my mind wandered into the realms of philosophy.  That’s not really a common thing, as I usually think about what to write while I’m doing the dishes.  But I guess these thoughts got me thinking about what to write for the blog.

This is quite simple, let’s say that you die.  Everyone dies, of course.  But what if your consciousness moves over to the nearest fetus that is at an appropriate level of development (whatever that is)?  I guess you could call this reincarnation.  I’m not meaning this in a religious way, I’m thinking fantasy.  Not your soul, but your actual consciousness.  And what if your memories go with you?  So when you’re born, you have all of your memories of your previous life.

Wow, that would put you at a great advantage.  You’d breeze through school, everyone would think you’re a genius.  You’d have the experience and wisdom of a lifetime already, so you’d be a very mature child, probably graduate from university at 12 years old, and enjoy the rest of your childhood doing whatever you want.  Wouldn’t that be incredible?  Of course, there’s no choice in who you’ve become.  You may change genders, you may grow up in a different country that you grew up in, so you’d have to learn the language as a child would.  That would be fine.  You can still remember your old language.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

But then, what about your family that’s still alive?  Would you want to contact them?  Would you let them know that you’re you?  That might be difficult on them, or they may welcome you with open arms.  It’s hard to say.

So, my question for you is this:  If this were possible, would you come back with your memories intact, or would you want to come back with no knowledge of your previous life?


For those of you who know me, and know my other blogs, you will have seen this.  But if you are only following this blog, I’d like you to read something.  Please go here (the anniversary) and here (my full experience) to read about the Great Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  I got to experience it firsthand.

On another note, I haven’t updated recently, as I’ve been quite busy.  I have a book review to write and post soon.