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Severe Thunderstorm Here Right Now! (Edmonton)

At this very moment, the second severe thunderstorm in the last couple hours is coming through. Strong wind, heavy rain, and very loud thunder accompanying the lightning which has been striking very near here. I recorded some of the first storm on video and posted it on YouTube. Have a look.

While that storm is done, the second one is going through now. The wind was so strong that it made me wonder if there was a tornado. I found out that the tornado that passed through Edmonton in 1987 actually went through the neighbourhood I live in, only about two or three hundred metres from here!

The weather today is crazy. But I love storms. Do you?

The Sky Right Now

As is typical for Edmonton weather, we have another thunderstorm. The forecast says thunderstorms all day until about 11 pm. This is the sky right now:

Nice, huh? The clouds are behaving like a very slow boil. They’re moving around a bit, but slowly. It’s interesting to look at, but since it’s started raining, it’s hard to see how the clouds really look.

Well, tomorrow is Canada Day, and we’re hoping to see some fireworks. Thankfully, the forecast is good for tomorrow. But it’s the only good day over the next six days. Every other day is expected to be stormy.

It’s a good thing my daughter now says she likes thunderstorms. She’s not afraid during the day.

Clouds of Alberta

I’ve been enjoying looking at the sky recently. The clouds in Alberta are so different than Japan’s clouds. The flat land has a lot to do with it. There are bigger temperature changes, and often more wind. And sometimes, the clouds just look weird.

Last night, the clouds were curly.



And the sunsets have been interesting. But it was too cloudy last night for much of one, but I saw this:


What I’m looking forward to this summer are the giant cumulonimbus clouds that come with thunderstorms. They are incredible here.

What are typical clouds like where you live?

Sundog and Unusual Clouds

Yesterday, I was able to see a great phenomenon known as a sundog. These things are part of a halo around the sun and created by hexagonal ice crystals in the air, usually with cirrus clouds. Well, there were plenty of cirrus clouds yesterday. This sundog that I saw was rainbow coloured, though it didn’t turn out very well in the picture. You can see it below.

Sundog in the cirrus clouds.

And cirrus clouds are interesting to look at, too. They have a lot of patterns, like waves or feathers. I got some pictures of those, too.

Rippled cirrus clouds.
Rippled and feathery cirrus clouds.
Fluffy cirrus clouds on the right, wispy cirrus clouds behind the building and in front of the sun.

Have you ever seen a sundog? Cirrus clouds are pretty common, but you have to be lucky to see a sundog.

Hot! Really Hot!

At 9 am, it was already 30 degrees. At 11 am, it’s expected to be 35. And in the afternoon, it’s going up to 37. This is Celsius for those of you Americans, Burmese and Liberians who don’t use metric. And this is a humid heat.

37 degrees Celsius is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s body temperature. It’s not yet that temperature, but 30 degrees is making me sweat. With a temperature bearing our body temperature, it makes it more difficult for our bodies to lose heat and regulate our body temperature. It can be very uncomfortable.

What’s the hottest temperature you’ve experienced? How’s your weather today?

So, a Typhoon Is Coming

On track for hitting the Tokyo area on the evening of July 26th or early morning July 27th, we have a typhoon. How fun.


Though Japan doesn’t normally use the names of typhoons, this one is named Halola. In Japan, it’s known as Typhoon Number 12. We just had a typhoon come through Japan last week, so this is pretty frequent for typhoons around here. Don’t really know what the strength will be like when it arrives, as it’s still five days away.

For me, typhoons are an interesting thing. I actually enjoy them, as long as they aren’t destructive. I wonder how many we’ll get this year.