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How Am I? I’m Feeling Weird

You know that feeling when you have major life changes? The feeling that nothing is quite real? That’s how I feel now.

I felt that way when I started university, when I moved to Victoria, when I came to Japan, and when my daughter was born. Now that we’re moving to Canada, that feeling is back. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s a little unsettling. There’s a bit of the unknown, but I also feel that it’s completely surreal. It’s like a dream I’m waiting to wake up from.

Everywhere I go, things look and feel different than they used to. Now they feel temporary. Totally familiar, but things I’ll probably never see again. As my final days of work approach, I feel that way about all the places I’ve worked. Some more than others.

But I have to think about life as an adventure. Expect challenges and just go for it. Every challenge increases experience and helps gain skills. In a way, I’m about to move to a new level.

Thinking about it that way, this unreal feeling means life is an MMORPG. Since my last name is Archer, I must be a ranger. Now where’s my bow?

So Excited About No Man’s Sky, I Have to Mention it Again

I’ve talked about this game before. No Man’s Sky is a massive game consisting of billions of unique planets with billions of unique plants and animals, and you can travel all around the galaxy discovering and exploring. There’s piracy, battles, trading, or just plain exploring. Here’s a video I saw on Cobra TV’s YouTube channel.

There are more videos on their channel about No Man’s Sky.

What we didn’t know about last time I talked about this game is that there’s now a release date. It’ll be available in June 2016 for Sony Playstation 4 and PC. I think I may be exploring a galaxy next summer. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a game before. I’ll probably post about it again sometime next year.

Anyone interested in this game?

The Most Perfect Space Game Ever – No Man’s Sky

Go to YouTube and search for “no man’s sky ign” and watch the videos. There are several of them. You won’t be sorry.  Here’s one of them.

This game looks amazing. It’s a space explorer’s dream come true. The worlds are randomly generated when discovered for the first time, and then they’re part of a vast universe. The discoverer gets to name them, including any animals they find. As time goes on, more planets are discovered, more animals are catalogued, and a vast encyclopedia is compiled. You can travel between planets and stars, upgrade your ship, become an explorer, trader, or just join with pirates and shoot at anything you like. There are so many potential planet that it’ll take billions of years to explore them all. And these are planets. They are full-scale. They have regular length days. So 24 hours of real life is also 24 hours on a planet in the game. You’ll see one sunset and one sunrise. It’s meant to be as realistic as possible.

Here are five worlds to check out.

Does this look interesting? As soon as I can, when it’s available to the public, I really want to play it. In the meantime, check out their homepage.

So, who wants to play?