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Find Out About Something You’ve Always Wanted to Learn About

Ever wanted to learn about something, yet you haven’t really checked it out? Well, why don’t you do a quick Google search and find out one bit of information?

For me, I’ve been interested in learning about ship operation, particularly pre-industrial ocean-going ships, and the terminology. The one thing I looked up is poop deck. What is the poop deck? Well, according to this source, the poop is an enclosed structure at the stern of a ship above the main deck. But what exactly is the poop for? Well, it’s a cabin where the helmsman stands on the roof (or the poop deck) and steers the ship. In modern ships, the functions have been moved to the bridge. So, it’s where you find the wheel of the ship! Poop comes from “la poupe” in French and “puppis” in Latin, which means stern. So, the poop deck is the stern deck. I did not know that.

Now it’s your turn. Search for something you’ve been wondering about, but never bothered to find out, and report your findings in the comments.