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My Daughter’s Dark Artwork

My daughter’s art has been getting better and better, but…


What does that look like to you?  To me, it looks like a clown from a nightmare.  It’s dark!  But if you ask her, she’ll say it’s Anpanman.  She loves watching Anpanman.  Here’s a sample of images courtesy of Google.

But what she drew isn’t bad for a 3 year and 1 month old.

Arachnophobes, Don’t Look

Is there anything you really don’t like?  Something that can give you nightmares?  How about this?

Golden silk orb-weaver spider.

This is a golden silk orb-weaver spider.  They can be found all over the world with various colours and patterns.  But they’re all quite big and build elaborate webs.  Although I’m not fond of spiders, I do have to admit that these are quite beautiful.  I even took a video of it.

So, that was about as close as I could get to it.  I really don’t like spiders.  I find them creepy.  They have a venom that is quite strong, but it’s not lethal to humans.  We’d survive when bitten, but we’d feel a lot of pain in the area of the bite.  I’ll stay away from them.

So, what’s your nightmare?  Can’t wait to read your comments.