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A Little Thing Called Writing – My Plans

It’s about time I talk about writing, right? Especially my writing. Well, some things are being done:

  • Got myself an office… though I need to make it usable.
  • Got myself a Patreon. Please support my work at my Patreon page! Also, video here. For information about the rewards of being a patron, check out my Patreon page for levels of support.

The time I have to write depends on these things:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Interruptions

So, with that out of the way, here are my plans. There’s a lot to do.

Journey to Ariadne

Get back to work on this. I have some parts already finished, which means I still need to get them edited. That’ll be up to the nice people over at Critique Circle. Once they’ve been edited, they’ll be up on my official author’s page. I’ll also give early access to them for anyone who is a Patreon patron.

The first Ariadne novel

Outlining will begin! I’ll be spending more time on the novel than on Journey to Ariadne. Why? Well, the novel is bigger and each part of Journey is quite short and requires far less time to write. Simple, isn’t it?

Artwork and sketches

I’ll be doing a lot of concept artwork and sketches, especially maps. These will be available on my author’s page. However, early access to them will be available to some of my Patrons.


I will resume my worldbuilding posts, and there will be many. I hope for a couple a month, as they are very involved and complex posts to write. Here’s what’s to come.

And that is about it. There’s a lot to do, and with the privacy of my own office, I can finally achieve it. Some things to consider for the future are beta readers, editors (Patreon should help out), cover art (actually, the first book’s already got a cover artist, and I love the way it looks!), and making sure I figure out how to publish on Kindle, Smashwords, and Createspace.

Any comments and questions are appreciated!

Coming Up With a Title

I find that one of the most difficult parts of writing a book is coming up with the title. It needs to be eyecatching, easy to remember, and be unique. How and when do you choose the title?

Some people create the title before they even start writing. I don’t think I can do that well. Others make up the title while they’re writing or when they finish. It’s possible that the title comes from something in the book, or maybe something someone said. It may even be a poetic title that isn’t even mentioned in the book. In any case, I think it’s difficult.

Looking at what I have planned for the future, I can make some guesses as to what the title may be. While I’m working on Journey to Ariadne right now, that’s the working title for the web serial. That’s not the title of the book, which I plan to do based on the serial. However, it’s likely it won’t be the first book published. What I plan to publish first in the Ariadne series is the first book that takes place several years after colonisation. Its current title is Ariadne Origins: Book 1. Not exactly a title, is it? Well, I do have a couple contenders for a title.

This is the first time you get to see the titles I may use. Let me know what you think. First is Knights of Ariadne. It has a dual meaning. If you’ve read the A to Z Challenge, you’ll notice that one person’s last name is Knight, and she is a young girl who develops this ability to control energy. On the other hand, Knights could refer to warriors of some kind.  I won’t tell you which one is correct, though it may be both, as well.

The other title is Solona. That’s the name of the girl I mentioned before.  It’s unique sounding, it’s simple, and it’s eyecatching, I think. She is obviously the main character of the first book.

The second book, which takes place after the first, has only the title Ariadne Origins: Book 2. But I haven’t figured out anything for a possible title. That’ll come later when I do more planning for the book.

If you write books, when do you figure out the title? How do you decide what it is?

How to turn a short story into a novel

Some more writing advice I found. This time, if you’re having trouble writing a full-length novel, and it keeps ending too early, this may be for you.

Nail Your Novel

I’ve had this question from Kristy Lyseng:
I have trouble when it comes to depth and expanding my writing. I always end up with short pieces. Are there any tips or tricks I could learn for writing longer pieces instead of short ones, both fiction and non-fiction?

Oh what a good question. Here are some ideas.

Stonehenge replica proved disappointingly small in This Is Spinal Tap Spinal Tap were hoping it would be bigger

How much do you plan?

Maybe you’re confident you can keep control of short pieces, and bring them to a satisfying conclusion. With a short piece, you can keep it all in your mind in one go, but with a novel that’s much harder. So to write something longer, you need more detail, to spend longer in the planning or you’ll run out of puff. (Or, if planning hasn’t been part of your method until now, you’ll probably need to start.)

Most novelists plan. They might…

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Journey to Ariadne – Part 3: Dilemmas

It’s finally available for you to read. Part 3 of Journey to Ariadne is here! What you see is not the final version. This is basically a first draft. What will be published will likely look very different than this. I hope you enjoy it!

Jay Dee Archer

May 21, 2163

Ariadne Project Mission Control

Hellas City, Hellas Basin, Mars


Paolo read the report for the third time. The news agencies on Earth confirmed it, an attempted coup on the ruling government. However, it had been crushed. People were desperate. I shouldn’t read bad news in the morning, he thought. He turned off the computer screen and saw his reflection. The past two months had been exhilarating, but the dark circles under his eyes reminded him of the stress he was under. He was thinner. He wondered if a person could die of exhaustion. He turned and walked out of the office.

“Breakfast is ready,” said Irina, as he joined her in the dining room. “This should give you the energy you need for today’s meeting.”

Paolo looked at the table and saw the porridge, buttered bread, and fried eggs with a cup of coffee. He…

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Journey to Ariadne Part 1 Is Now Available!

It’s been a long time coming, but part 1 of Journey to Ariadne is now available from my website.  It’s already been posted, but this is the 2nd revision.

As you may know, I am writing my first novel (actually, more like a prequel novella) and posting each part to my website to give readers a background on the world I’ve created.  This will also give an insight into the writing process, as I will be posting 2nd drafts of each part.  The final product will be put together, edited extensively, and published through e-book retailers at a very low price.

In the meantime, please enjoy reading part 1!

Story planning, so much in my head

There’s so much going on in my mind right now, I don’t know where to start.  Over the past 3 or 4 weeks, I’ve been developing my stories quite a bit, mostly in my head.  The first short story is becoming more fleshed out in terms of plot, but that’s not what’s been on my mind recently.

I was debating whether to write a series of three short stories or combine them as a novel.  Well, I will be writing a novel using those three stories.  They all flow from one to the other, so it is a continuous storyline leading to a single conclusion.  It’ll be written in three Acts, one leading into the other.

Another thing occupying my mind right now is the planet’s name, as well as what to call the star and other planets in the system.  The star will use its somewhat obscure Arabic name, while the planets will be related to the constellation’s mythology and history.  Here’s a little teaser:  the star is a G type main sequence star that is about 3 billion years old.  It may seem too young for life, but there’s no reason to believe that life could develop faster on some worlds than on others. There could have been some catalyst that caused rapid evolution at a much earlier time than on Earth.  So, if you can guess the name of the star, you win my admiration.

Revisiting the short story debate

Last night, I posted about whether I should write a novel or have three separate short stories.  After 24 hours of sleep, work, and thought, I may have come to a decision.

The first short story, not one of the three, will be published first.  Later, the other three will be published in one book.  It will not be a standard novel, though.  They will be three separate stories, though they are linked.  Each subsequent story is a result of the previous story.  They are self-contained stories, so it’ll be like a single volume trilogy of short stories.

This is how the plan stands for now.  I can’t guarantee that it won’t change.  I may start writing it and feel that it should be a novel.  It all depends on how the writing goes.

My book plans, part 2

My second book I’m planning has been in the works for several years.  I started with the concept when I was in university 12 years ago.  It’s more than just a book, it’s a trilogy.

Currently untitled, this trilogy will be science fiction with a good basis in science, but plenty of fiction and a bit of fantasy added in.  It’s about an Earth colony that develops independently from Earth’s government, and that results in a diverse world with many cultures.  It is high-tech, but many parts of the world still have a frontier feel.  It’ll take place about 300 years after colonization.

I have created the entire planet, as well as countries, some of the cultures, religions, politics and more.  With an interest in geology and planetary astronomy, the world will be fairly realistic, but as it is fiction, I will add some fantasy elements.  In fact, it’ll be a bit of a bridge between science fiction and fantasy, though will be more sci-fi than fantasy.  The planet is fictional, but the star it orbits is quite real.

It will be character driven, and there will be no teenage heroes full of angst.  We don’t need that do we?  There’ll be some grit, but also be a world that seems like it would be nice to live on.

Since the world is quite extensive, I plan to have a reference guide online.  It’ll also be the basis for even more n0vels, if it proves to be popular.  I’m hoping you enjoy it!


Inspiration is a wonderful thing.  I just wish I knew how to make it happen more often.

As I was walking home tonight, I was pondering an idea I had for the novel I’m planning.  I’d been struggling with one very crucial part of the entire setup of the book and how I’d go about it.  I realised I was thinking about implementing the idea the wrong way.  My modified idea is a bit more down to earth, quite literally.  Not only that, it provided me with a short story idea I can use to help introduce my science fiction world.

I’ve also had some other inspiration recently that I’d like to get started on soon.  I’m going to write some very short stories based on dreams I’ve had.  These are some rather unusual dreams, but I felt that they could make good short stories or even flash fiction.  When I have time, I’ll be working on them and posting them to this blog.  They’ll be more of a writing exercise than something I want to publish.

Inspiration has been coming to me slowly lately, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been working a lot with not much free time.  I only have one day off every week.  But I find that my inspiration comes to me at two very different times.  One is while I’m walking home from the train station, and the other is when I’m taking a shower.

When do you get inspiration?